Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Thanks for an awesome run this morning, both Suzie and Kirsten. I know we were tired, but it was great to get 7 1/2 miles in, wasn't it? :-) I enjoyed chatting with both of you, as always. Can't wait for Seattle when we will have at least 4 hours to do so. :-) Can we keep doing these mid-week long runs? I really like them. Have a good time at Yoga, and try to get a nap in, alright?

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Suzie Petunia said...

That was a good run, but boy am I tired now! Naps are rare these days, I'm sad to say. I like these longish runs, too. Hey, I have an idea... why don't we run a marathon on Saturday!? I'm not really referring to it as an "option" in our house, but just matter of fact. I think he'll be alright about it. I've suggested lots of fun things he can do with the kids while I'm gone. :)