Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What do you think about when you run?

My mind wanders and I generally think about everything. Sometimes I simply enjoy the ride and take in the views, whether they be scenic or of the homes in our neighborhood. Sometimes I plan things to do that day or later in the week. Once in awhile I'll catch myself thinking about the people driving by and wondering what they are thinking when they see me. Because I'm still working on losing some baby weight and am very unhappy about how slow it's taking, I sometimes imagine they are thinking I'm slow and heavy. At other times I imagine they are cheering me on and saying "Good for you! I wish I were running." I prefer the latter. [Yes, I really need to work on my self image at this weight, but it's really making me unhappy...]

During my run this morning in the warm sun, I came to a point where I was really tired and hot. I was on a hill and working my way up it slowly when I glanced down at the Garmin and saw I was only at 2.50 miles. The following conversation then played out in my head...

"Hey, two and a half miles is great today! It's warm and this is a hill at the end of my run. Anything more at this point is just, ummm, what do they call it...? Frosting? No, gravy. Anything more is just gravy at this point."

"Gravy?! Good grief. I don't want any more gravy. Heck, I don't even want the gravy."

"I wonder how many calories are in a cup of gravy? It's got to be way more than I'm burning during this run today."

Then I chuckled at how silly I am to have a conversation about gravy with myself. And I ran another third of a mile. Fast. All the while thinking about this blog and the ladies who post here and how nice it is to have some women in the same boat to share my tales of resuming running post-baby. Thanks!

[And please, hold the gravy. I don't need it or want it.]


Suzie Petunia said...

All I think about it what M&M is talking about while we run... :) You may not know this about her: she's a talker. And I love it! It is very entertaining.

Ha ha, you talking to yourself about gravy. Ok, that would be more funny if I could say I thought about food less often, alas I am dieting and food is ALL I think about. (M&M at this very moment is picking me up some sugar-free chocolate pudding. Where is she anyway? I want my pudding!)

I'm sure all people think about when they see you running is "Gee, she's awesome... getting out to run and exercise... I really need to do that, too... I admire her!" Whenever I see someone running up "Sunset" (the giant hill I live near and hate running up) I have to avoid the urge to roll down my window and shout "GOOD JOB! YOU'RE ALMOST TO THE TOP!" I always feel proud of the people I see out running. I feel like we have something in common...

So do you not ever listen to music while you're running?

cherl said...

I never listen to music while running. I kind of like listening to the sound of my breathing and taking in all the sights and sounds along my run. Plus I run on streets and sidewalks so I feel safer without the music.

Mmmm... chocolate pudding.

M&M said...

I am impressed that you don't have to listen to music while running. It seems like I listen to music to shut off my own thinking. That probably sounds weird but the music allows me to not have so many thoughts running through my brain. Poor Suzie, if I have something I need to think about, then I make her listen to me. :-) I do have weird conversations with myself and others. I like to think that when people see me running they are wishing they were out there. But mostly I know they think I am crazy!