Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Here is the Run Down.....

of my running history!

It all started in junior high gym. We were supposed to run the mile and I thought that my gym teacher was asking me to part the Red Sea-- literally perform a miracle. I was wholly opposed to the idea. I had decided at that point in my life that I was not, and never would be: a runner. I enjoyed physical activity of other types: dance, aerobics and cheerleading (ugh!). But a runner, I was not. High school brought more of the same.

But I began to NEED something to keep my weight in check. I was an "emotional eater" at that point and gained about 15-20 pounds that hung around through the first year or so of college. That sucked-- and that is a post for another day.

My mother was and is a dutiful early a.m. runner. She is in fabulous shape and I knew running was part of the equation for her. So I decided to give it a real try. And I was hooked. I know that you all can relate to the way that running clears your mind and gives to you much more than a healthy, slim physique. It has literally helped shape the person that I am.

I wrote about it on my blog a while back, so I won't repeat it here. I'll link!


One of the sweetest moments in my life was crossing the finish line of my first marathon and seeing my father's face. He was choked up and told me that of all his children (6 total) I was the last he would have guessed would be a marathon runner. (remember the jr. high incident and the aversion to running one measly mile? ha ha)

So that's what running has been for me. It is part of the definition of who I am. I am other things: A mother, a wife, a Christian, a proud U.S. citizen-- and yes: I am a runner. And please be warned: don't ever call me a jogger-- cuz we all know that there is a difference! ha ha. : )

I am so pleased to connect with the lovely women on this blog. I would love to see others join in.

Can't wait to cheer you on, commiserate when we're injured, and laugh our way to the next starting line!


Abi said...

Wow! Did you get a degree in Writing Chell? You make everything sound smooth. I feel a high reading your posts! I LOVE IT!

M&M said...


I loved reading your history. That is so great about the example that your mom set for you. That is one of my main motivators- to be a healthy and happy example for my kids. I love that they see me set and accomplish goals. I hope one day they will run with me. I also loved your post on endurance. Running is definitely a big part of who I am now.

cherl said...

I agree with M&M - it's such a great example to set for your kids just as your mother did for you. I really want to instill those ideals in my own children -- the value of hard work, setting goals and achieving them, pushing yourself to succeed and really putting your mind and body to the test. I just think we're all capable of a lot more than we think. We just don't always try. I hope I am a good role model to my children of these same traits.

I also look forward to the day they can run with me. Just the other day I asked my 2yo if he wanted to go run with me, meaning he sits in the jogger that I push while running. He was excited to go "run with mommy" and then I could tell he was disappointed that HE wasn't actually going to be running. Afterwards we ran around the yard together. Someday, little man...

Suzie Petunia said...

Thanks for sharing your history, Chelle. We are all different and we are all the same, ya know? I love having this love for running because it puts me in touch with some amazing people.