Sunday, July 22, 2007

Recent Conversation (with myself)

I'd like to share the conversation I had with my body during my run yesterday. So without further introduction.....

Me: Okay, body we're going to run more than three miles today. Can you handle it? I know I've taken it easy on you, but today we're going!

My body parts (in unison): Bring it! We're ready.

So off I went and things felt great for the first 5 miles. I was keeping a pretty consistent 8.5 mile pace. I was pleased. But then, out of the blue, my right hip chimed in.

Right hip: Um, excuse me Chelle, you're kind of asking a lot of me today. Remember? I'm kind of finicky when you haven't done yoga or stretched me out. You've been kind of a slacker with that since your vacation.

But I just ignored that pesky right hip. She's kind of a whiner. Mind over matter, I told her all matter of fact. But at mile seven right hip started to really sing out.

Right hip: Hello, lady.... you are done for today. Seriously-- that's it.

And that's where we ended. So now I'm pushing the Advil and will get serious about my stretching (sort of like sending my right hip flowers to say sorry). I hope she forgives me, because we're all going out again on Monday! : )


cherl said...

You're so funny! Those truly are some of the best conversations, aren't they??

Way to knock out the seven!

Suzie Petunia said...

What a totally "interactive" experience it must be to run all by yourself! You are very funny :) I hope your hip forgives you in time for the 1/2!