Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hood to Coast - the details you are waiting for...

You can find a more detailed description of the legs I ran on my personal blog. But, I thought you would be the only crowd who would truly appreciate the details I am eager to share: my splits!

leg 6: 7.4 miles - 1 hour 51 seconds - 8:09 minute/mile
leg 18: 4.1 miles - 34 minutes 35 seconds - 8:24 minute/mile
leg 30: 5.3 miles - 42 minutes 49 seconds - 8:06 minute/mile

I am so thrilled with this because last year my splits looked something like this:

first run - 7:40 minute/mile
second run - 8:40 minute/mile
third run - 9:40 minute/mile

What a difference! I have really surprised myself. It makes me wonder what goals I could really accomplish if I wasn't so scared of failing... and pain! It makes me want to train harder!

P.S. I have some photos, but they are on my hubby's camera which he has to upload at work. There is an especially choice picture of male runner in a silver metallic thong: his running outfit! Can you just imagine the chaffing??


M&M said...

I already responded on your "other" blog. I am so tempted to call you right now. But, I will resist. :-) You are an amazing runner, and every time I remember how fast you are, I think of how lucky I am that you are my training partner. I promise after St. George I will be up for our crazy runs like running straight up Sunset Hill over and over and over... I miss you! Can't wait to see the thong guy! I also can't wait to hear more details.

Chelle, Cherl, are you in for a Hood to Coast team next year? Guess what our team name would be?! Ha ha!

JP said...

Hmmm...silver thong. Doesn't exactly sound like a great fashion or running choice.

And as much as I adore you, I'm sort of glad you aren't my running partner. At least not yet...you would leave me in the dust in seconds flat!! ;)

I'm glad you had such a good experience!

Chelle said...

You know you are now gonna have to post the picture of silver thong man. Otherwise I'm gonna think you're just made him up. ; 0

I would come to Oregon for hood to coast. seriously. how great would that be? very great.

cherl said...

You rock, SuzieP! Way to lay down some consistent legs.

I'd be up for a team!!