Saturday, August 25, 2007

the most beautiful sight!

I've had many great runs with beautiful things to look at, but nothing can compare to the run I had earlier this week. While spending the week at the Oregon Coast, one morning I went out for an early morning run on the beach with my two dogs. It was by far one of the best runs I've had with my so-very-well-behaved dogs - they stayed with me, they didn't bother the few people we passed, they didn't scare the two people sleeping on the beach, they minded at the tidepools and they didn't bother this beautiful creature we saw -- yes, we saw a Harbor seal pup! It was by far the most beautiful thing I've ever come across while on the run. She was gorgeous and looked very similar to the one pictured above. She was resting between some large rocks at the tidepools where we turned around. We stopped and watched her for several minutes. At one point she turned herself around to face the ocean and I knew she wanted to be alone. I wished I'd had my camera to capture her precious little face! Amazing!!


M&M said...

What a cool thing to spot. My favorite place to run is at the coast. I also ran at the coast this weekend, in sunny CA. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I am glad you had some good runs. You have had many adventures this summer, I am impressed with you and your husband's committment to getting away with your family. What great memories to build!

Suzie Petunia said...

Amazing! That would be so amazing to see in person.

The last time I ran on the beach I remember being VERY sore afterwards!

Chelle said...

What great pay off for a run on the beach (as if the beautiful scenery isn't enough). Thanks for sharing, that is very cool.