Monday, August 20, 2007

No turning back now...

I bought my plane tickets on Friday, so I am officially officially committed. I was a little nervous for my 18 miler on Saturday. I kept thinking maybe I should have waited until AFTER that run. Here is the good news:

The 18 miler went perfect! It was just one of those runs where everything clicked. It started out running my favorite downhill and I felt great. The air was cool and there was a light breeze. I was pretty much running by myself and I just listened to my body. The sky was beautiful and my body, heart and breathing felt all in rhythm. I enjoyed listening to my music.

The route took us to the Portland temple and back. It is a beautiful destination and the way back really felt great. Since we started going down my favorite downhill, that means we had to end the run going UP my least favorite uphill. I was starting to get tired and it was basically the last mile so I pushed my "power song" button and blared "Eye of the Tiger." When the song ended I still had more uphill, so I pushed it again. :-) When I got to the top I felt like a million bucks. There were a couple of men from our running group and they gave me high 5's. It was a sweet moment, and it gives me confidence that I might actually be able to run St. George. I averaged 9:50 miles, which I was very happy with. I know this was a crazy endeavor to do this soon (Bryce will be 3 months tomorrow) but it has been an awesome challenge. Thanks for all of your support. (Suzie, you looked great in your cute running skirt, by the way! Congrats on your awesome time for your 18 miler. Someday I will be there again.)

I am a true believer in acupuncture now. I had asthma attacks on a 7 mile run and on a 10 mile run. Since I started the acupuncture I have run a 12, 15, and 18 miler with no symptoms and my heart rate stays lower. What do you think of this?


Suzie Petunia said...

I say keep up the accupuncture! That is amazing! I am so happy your run went so well. It was a good day for a long run. I think I'm almost recovered.

Chelle said...

Three cheers for you, M&M!! That sounds so wonderful and seriously, you are freaking awesome to complete an 18 miler with a 3 month old. You also have an awesome husband who is willing to stay home while you are covering the miles. Tell him I think he freakin' rocks, too! : ) We are lucky to have supportive husbands who cheer on our running adventures. Let's hear it for the boys! : )
As for the acupunture. I am impressed with the result. It seems they speak for themselves.

M&M said...


I agree that I have a husband who rocks! He has given up every Saturday morning pretty much for the last 3 years. This last Saturday, however, he was actually out on a guys' trip, so I paid my friend's nanny to take the kids at 5:50am. Totally worth the $25!!

cherl said...

Your friend's nanny is a steal! Can I get her phone number??

Kelly, you are going to do great! I can't wait to hear all about this marathon experience.