Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Same Ol', same ol'

Sometimes I like nothing better than running a route I have run a million times. There is something comforting about knowing each hill, each downhill, each crack in the sidewalk, and each stoplight. This run of mine is not a beautiful run (I don't like to run on country roads by myself-I am a wimp!), but it is one I know well. I ran by myself this morning and I was actually looking forward to seeing if I could do it. Last time I tried this route I stopped by Suzie's house and she had to convince me to keep running. :-) That was about one month ago, and it is awesome to see the progress that I have made. Baby steps. This is what keeps me going. (Just so you know, Sarah, Elwert still kicks my butt!) I ran 7.86 miles averaging 9:51- not too bad. How were your runs?


cherl said...

Sounds like a great run, Kelly! I'm hoping to get out for a run tonight, but it'll be a quick one if I go.

I know the comfort in running a familiar route. I try to mix mine up (and Garmin is especially helpful in doing that!), but I also enjoy running a few favorites. In part because I see improvement. A route that used to take me XX minutes is now taking me much fewer minutes! Progress is good.

Chelle said...

I love my familiar routes! Especially the flat one that I find myself on more often than not.

There is something really nice about routine, and seeing the improvement as time goes on. I have a favorite run that takes me right past my old high school. I run right next to the football stadium and let the memories keep me company on my run. love it.