Thursday, September 06, 2007


It's almost been two weeks since I last posted so I thought I should post something. The problem is, I haven't been running. Recent vacations in August and a husband who is traveling this week has made finding the time to run when I have two young children at home a little difficult to do.

One of my goals this year was to lose the pregnancy weight by Labor Day. Well, Labor Day has come and gone and I still have some extra pounds hanging around. Ten to fifteen extra pounds. I gained a lot during my first pregnancy and swore up and down that I wouldn't do it again but then I became uncomfortable during those later months, had some issues with the pregnancy that prevented me from exercising, and the hot fudge sundaes and pizzas really did make me feel better! Anyway, the baby is now four months old and I've decided to really get at this weight problem. My strategy besides severely changing my diet and how much food I eat?

1.) Hit the gym. I received a membership offer from Bally's (gym) today via e-mail that is pretty good - one year for $99. That's it, nothing more. I was a member for years, but the last two years of my membership I probably actually went to the gym twice. I'm not kidding. I was working full-time, fixing up an old house, dealing with infertility and just didn't have the time or motivation to go. I'm guessing this is why the great offer has been extended. They see it as easy money since who could pass up the deal and I won't go anyway. But this is where they are wrong. I'm signing up and I'm going.

2.) Yoga. I'm going to start taking Bikram Yoga twice a week at my neighborhood studio. I loved it in the past and am looking forward to starting again. My first practice will be this weekend.

3.) Purchase a treadmill. Any recommendations?

4.) Register for a marathon. I've been talking about Eugene (OR) in 2008 and I just need to do it. I've mapped out a training plan and am now, as of right this minute, signed up to run it.

What are your goals - running or otherwise?


Polliwog said...

Nice post. I've actually been evaluating my running goals and coming up empty. If it's not a threadjack, I'd love to solicit advice from some experienced marathoners.

Here's my deal: I am running my first marathon, Top of Utah, next Saturday. I have a recovery program for the 3 weeks following. But then what? I'm at a loss, because I am planning on getting pregnant again just after the marathon (we'll see how that goes) but that could put a damper on racing, I'm assuming. Anyway, I am almost to burnout now, I can see that it will be a struggle to get my booty running on the treadmill when there's no marathon to train for. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated. ;)

And cherl, those sound like some ambitious goals. I'm quite impressed. The yoga really sounds tempting. I am, unfortunately, in the boonies so those kinds of things aren't in the cards for me.

Suzie Petunia said...

One of our friends we train with is running Top of Utah next week, too. She is really bummed because her sister who was supposed to be running it with her is now injured. What is your pace like? Maybe you guys should meet up. I'll point her toward this blog.

My plan after I run my marathon in October is to rest and recover, and then to get out and run my regular 5-milers 3 times a week. I think I would like to still run long on Saturdays (10 miles or so). We'll see if that actually happens though.

Good luck with the potential pregnancy! I ran as long as I could (up to about 22 weeks) and felt great. A good alternative is an elipical machine when you get farther along in a pregnancy. I also loved yoga. As far as training for anything? That isn't something I really considered during pregnancy. My tip for continuing an exercise program when there isn't a race in the future is to find a friend to train with - a pregnant one, if possible! :)

Chelle said...

Cherl, those are really good goals.

Here's the thing about weight that drives me crazy: once you reach the goal.... then the real work begins of maintaining the goal weight. What a pain!! And I do believe that the body has a 'set point' that it prefers to be weigh. My set point is 5-7 pounds higher than my goal weight. Maintaining the weight that I currently am (my goal weight) takes daily effort. I love chocolate so much. bleck.

Goal #1: Be kind to my right hip through the end of December, then start a training plan for either the 1/2 or full Salt Lake marathon in mid-April. (you are all invited-- it's a great marathon to run!)

Goal #2: Now that my daughter is going to preschool 3 days a week, I'm going to add more yoga classes to my day. The goal is 5 classes a week. Tomorrow morning I start a 4 week workshop series at my yoga studio on meditation. I'm sure I'll write more about it. It should be wonderful.

Goal #3: be happy!

And there you have it. Can't wait for others to share.

Polliwog said...

Thanks Suzie for the tips. The 5 miles 3 times a week and a long 8 or 10 is what I was planning on aiming for too--it's how to ensure that it happens that I'm worried about!

My pace is about 9:30. Not fast, I know, but after I injured my foot training back at 14 miles, I quit pushing pace and just aimed at getting the run done.

I've been thinking more about some other goals of mine, so to answer Cherl's post, here are a couple:

*play with my kids more--I am great at reading, baking, playing games or puzzles with them, but I really have to make an effort to be fun or spontaneous. Lame, I know.

*Don't be so lazy about cleaning the bathroom--is this too much information? lol I abhor cleaning the bathrooms, but I tackled ours yesterday and got every crevice and corner. It took forever, so I vowed to keep up on it.

*Don't eat treats/refined sugar. I stopped eating sugar on January 1st. My goal was 6 months and I made it! But now already I feel like my addiction (that's what I call it) is raging again, so this week I bid a sad farewell to the treats.

Suzie Petunia said...

polliwog, You are a stronger woman than I. I heart chocolate.

M&M said...

Great goals, Cherl! Don't beat yourself up about the weight loss. I think it is much harder after each child. Plus, you just never know what your body is going to do. That is cool about the gym offer. Take advantage of that, especially if they have child care. You are doing great! Just keep us posted. I also have weight to lose, and I am just trying to be patient. It WILL come off eventually. (Maybe if I lay off the ice cream. :-)

M&M said...


Welcome again! We would love to have you post regularly. If you are interested just say the word and we can send you an email that will set you up with us. Good luck on your first marathon. How exciting! I like Suzie's plan of keeping up the 5 mile runs and 1 long run. (Hopefully I will be running these with her!) Maybe find another race to train for. That always keeps me going. If you enjoy the marathon and want to do another one, Suzie and I both loved the Ogden Marathon. Maybe we can meet up there!

Enjoy your taper this week. Good luck on the marathon. Let us know how it goes. I like your goals to play more with your kids.

Chelle- I like your goals also. How are you doing? Are you feeling any better?

Suzie- I really do miss you. I hope we can hang out this week!

Poky girl said...

HI Polliwog. I'm the friend Suzie wrote about that is running the Logan marathon IN 6 DAYS!!! Almost 5 now. I'm nervous but I feel ready and excited at the same time. Good luck

Polliwog said...

poky girl,
Wahoo! I am trying to get psyched up (in a good way) but the truth is I'm kinda nervous. I dreamed last night that I came in third to last and I was devastated. How silly, who cares if I'm third to last if I run a marathon. :) Good luck to you too! Have you run marathons prior to this one?

Polliwog said...

Oops, I have more to say (surprise).

Wow, I'd love to join you guys. Thanks for the offer. Send me an email and let me know details. (

Ogden, huh? When is that marathon? My family is in Utah, so I'm always looking for a reason to fly there. ;) The altitude is scaring me, though. (I'm in Cali). Anybody have words of wisdom in dealing with the altitude?

Polliwog said...
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Suzie Petunia said...

Breathe deeply.

And don't stop. :)

M&M said...

Polliwog-I am so glad you are joining us! You will be able to give us our first marathon report in over a year! (Pokygirl, you are welcome to join us also if you are interested.)

As far as altitude goes, drink lots of water, go on a short little run the day before, and just have fun!