Thursday, October 04, 2007

Can We Talk?

I have a little over two weeks before my first marathon experience. I have questions. Lots of them. Some of them will be lame, I’m sure. But I was thinking I could bring some of them here to my favorite running experts. Maybe some of them may help other new runners out there. Well, one can hope. So, IF you will humor me, can you please channel your inner Mike Meyers of “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman” and let’s move ahead with “Newbie Talk with JP”…I’ll give you a topic. “Duran Duran. Is neither Duran nor Duran.”


Okay, here’s my real topic: Under-“things”. Do you stick with Under Armor, go “commando” or other. Yes, this is one of my concerns. (I told you there may be lameness ahead.)

The (almost) Runner Petrified of Chaffing

*Tomorrow's topic: Body is or is not like buttah...*


cherl said...

With two weeks to go, stick with whatever has been working for you. Seriously. Don't change a thing!

But for the record: I do not go commando. I generally wear my normal "under things", but the thinnest that I have. It's just more comfortable for me. Helps to hold things together so I don't feel so "jiggly". Body lube: love it, need it, use it everywhere because you just never know where you'll chafe next.

Polliwog said...

Generally I don't go commando--but the shorts I wore for the marathon have a thin liner pair of shorts, fairly snug, so that was enough for me. I totally agree with cherl in sticking to what you're used to. If you didn't try it in your 20 miler, (or at least a pretty long run), messing with things at this stage is risky.

That said, there are no guarantees. I got blisters in my 16 for no apparent reason. Hadn't changed a thing. In my marathon I had chafing in unmentionable places (regrettably, already mentioned in a previous post) where I had never had a hint of it before.

Love your questions. I know just what you mean about them seeming lame, but seeing as it was my first marathon just 3 weeks (is that all!?) ago, I had the same questions (and my answers may need to be taken with a grain of salt.)

JP said...

Oh, girl...I'm a HALF marathon gal. I'm not up to a 20-miler yet. :)

I've been fine...and I was mostly poking fun at myself at all the questions I have floating around in this head of mind, but I'm convinced I'm doing everything "wrong." So a gal has to ask. :)

Just REALLY afraid of chaffing. ;)

JP said...

p.s. I'm also still carrying around more weight than I would like for my first marathon. So that is causing some of my concern.

Basically what I'm focusing on is that I need to stock up on the body lube. heehee

Suzie Petunia said...

I wear Gap Body's seamless undies. Tres comfy. I've been wearing them to run for years. Sometimes if the running shorts have "built in" panties I don't wear anything. I've never used body lube -is it a brand? I use Body Glide. (It looks like a stick of deodorant.) It works well for me.

No question is a dumb question!

LCM said...

Has someone been watching The Office? Their race for Rabies and the guy's chafed nipples were pretty funny! good luck.

Polliwog said...

Sorry JP--can't keep everybody's races straight--I'm not too good with the details. Oops.

So, same logic though. Try whatever you're going to use in your 10 miler and go from there. When I ran my half (I've only done 1) I had no idea what I was doing. It was 15 degrees, though, so I was covered in Under Armour.

I have never heard of all these body lubing gelling gadgets. (I feel like I'm my grandpa saying "What are these new-fangled inventions all the kiddies are using these days?"!) I have used Aquafor and been happy with the results. Marvelous stuff and can be bought at Target (or your pediatrician might give you free samples--not for you, for your kids.)

Chelle said...

JP, is this all a trick to get us to divulge what underthings we wear to the whole internet?
I GO COMMANDO! Just kidding, I really don't, but I'm on to you, JP. : D

My greatest piece of advice is that whatever you do, don't change a thing when you get close to the race.

I have been quite lucky that chafing hasn't been an issue for me, but I know that others have horror stories, so I'd be generous when applying, just to be sure.

Here's my advice for blisters: Wright running socks. They are expensive, but worth it. They have a double layer (but still thin) so they cut way down on blisters. I swear by them. They are only at specialty running stores.

Keep the questions coming... we all learn!

You know, some of our marathon moms are out running a marathon as we speak. I couldn't even talk myself into a 5 miler. what a sad state of affairs.... ; )

M&M said...

Don't forget your arms. I learned this the hard way at St. George. I should take a picture of how ugly the chafing is around my upper arm. You would think I would know better by now. I still have a lot to learn! :-)

PS I like the built-in panties also. (Nike) Try them out on regular runs first, as everyone says!

Ang said...

Thanks for asking questions. I am a new runner myself and probably have a lot of the same questions as you do. I love new tips. This was a great one.