Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lost my first toenail!

In my years of running, I had always heard of this phenomenom, but never experienced it. It took a week, but my toe finally gave up the fight. It is ugly, but I will admit, I am a little proud to have experienced this rite of passage.

So, JP, as you get ready this week for your first race (woo hoo!) you have much to look forward to. I was hoping each of us could share some last bits of advice, war wounds, whatever, to help you get through these last days of anticipation.

I, for one, can't wait to hear every gory detail!!

(Just one last reminder- Body Glide!! I am still paying for not using it in the marathon! Please learn from my mistake.)


cherl said...

Oh, Kelly! Losing nails is never fun, but it certainly is a rite of passage. You've been very fortunate to have run several marathons and many shorter distances without losing one until now. It must have been the downhill course. At least sandal season is over!

I have lost two toenails. Even worse, I posted photos of said toenails on my Running Addiction blog (see August 2006). My big toenail took forever to come back in. Fortunately I didn't lose the whole thing and it came in nicely. You'd never know from looking at it today that it suffered so much trauma. I distinctly recall the downhill trail run I was doing when it got banged up. The adjacent "pointer toe" if you will also came off and grew back just fine.

My spouse lost his big toenail during his first marathon in 2002. The nail came off in its entirety and has not grown back nicely. It is still really thick and dark. It isn't pretty.

I second the liberal application of Body Glide to all parts of your body that even just might experience chafing. Better to be safe than sorry!

Remember that Office episode recently with Andy and the "chafing nipples" precaution? My husband could have learned a thing or two from that prior to his first marathon. He wore a cotton t-shirt, it rained the first hour and halfway through the marathon he looked down to see both nipples were bleeding. I met him at mile 20 to run the remaining miles and seeing him with blood on his shirt brought tears to my eyes. It was not a pretty sight and the finish photo isn't very nice. That first shower following the marathon was extremely painful for him!

Looking forward to hearing about your race, JP! Enjoy the race and know that all your hardwork and training has prepared you for this day. I always have doubts the days before a long race and have to continually remind myself that I've put in the work and my body is ready.

Ang said...

I can't believe you haven't lost a toenail yet. Either you have super great shoes, or I have really bad ones. :)

I have lost two toenails so far.On the same darn toe even. My toe next to the big one on my left foot. The first time I lost it was actually from playing soccer in college. The second time was last summer when I ran the Rainier to Ruston relay. AND I do believe I am about to lose the same darn toenail again for the third time. ( I ran a half on labor day, my toenails hang on for a couple months before they give up.)
And yes, body glide is a must.
Also, do not hop any fences to get to the porta potty before the race. My brother and I had this brilliant idea that we would hop a fence to use porta potties at a baseball field and that way we would avoid the big lines. Well upon landing, I tweaked my ankle. It didn't bother me at all during the race, thank goodness, but a couple hours after the race I could barely walk on it. I limped for several days! Apparently if you tweak an ankle and then run 13 miles on it, it's not a good thing.
So please, just wait in line. :)

You're going to do great!!!

Polliwog said...

I wish I had something to contribute here. I've never lost a toenail (okay by me), and I have already published my only "advice". So I'll just add my good wishes to you, JP, and hope you have a great experience. Enjoy!

Suzie Petunia said...

3 marathons and I've never lost a toenail! Ok, that isn't completely true. I lost my big toenail after pulling a chair over on it. But the incident was in no way running-related. That was a couple years ago and it has grown back fine. I don't know why I've had such good luck with the toenails during marathons. One thing I would look into would be your shoe size. Did you know you should wear your running shoes a full size larger than your every-day shoes? It has worked for me!

And hooray for Body Glide! It is a miraculous substance. :)

foxontherun said...

Good Luck JP! Kelly congrats on the toenail! Fortunately or not I have yet to lose any toenails.

JP said...

You guys are awesome...thanks for all the well wishes. I just got home from my team meeting. I'm all jazzed and ready to run!! :)