Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's About Time I Showed My Face Around Here

This post is mostly to give proof that I'm still around. My running is a little sparse (slow and short runs) due to this knee of mine giving me trouble...but I have high hopes for it returning to normal soon.

Which brings me to my question: (You knew I had one...)

I live in the valley where we rest (and yes, run) at about 25 feet above sea level. Oh...and by the way, we're all planning on running in a marathon (half or otherwise) in such a place that is, oh...say, 4,226 feet above sea level. I'm in accounting so I feel obligated to tell you that the difference is 4,201 feet.

If we were being audited, that is definitely within the scope of notable variances.

I'm about 30 minutes away from 1,275 elevation...this is good practice. But folks, we're still at a difference of nearly 3,000 feet in elevation.

My current plan is to take a couple of trips to Tahoe City or Truckee. They are a couple of hours away, but that should give me a good start for tackling the elevation issue. Although, heading into the winter months, they will be a tad hard to get to.

And so, my lovely experts...this is where I ask you all for some of that yummy Runner's Wisdom that I do so love. Please talk some elevation sense into the Newbie.

I do realize that you may start charging me consulting fees at some point in the future. I'm figuring out how to work this into the budget.


Polliwog said...

JP, I did my marathon training in Michigan (the first half) and in Fresno (the second half). I ran the Top of Utah which was (I think) almost 5,000 feet to start. I was scared to death about how the altitude would affect me, but it truly didn't feel like a huge factor. I was surprised. What I read about it was 1) be sure to drink plenty of water and 2) expect to lose 10 seconds per mile on your pace. My advice is to train well and then just listen to your body as you run, knowing that you may have to slow it down a tad. Do NOT get too psyched out about it. Based on what I read, I'm doubtful that training in altitude will be helpful at all unless you can be in it a full 3 weeks before your race. (At least that's what I read). I'm getting excited for you guys already!

Suzie Petunia said...

I live and train at sea level. 2 of the marathons I've run were in Utah - Ogden and St. George - both several thousand feet. Like polliwog I didn't feel a noticeable difference. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

JP said...

Someone at work (who also happens to run) freaked me out about it. I'm officially not worrying about it anymore. :)