Saturday, December 01, 2007

Excuse Me Officer?

So the other night I was running down Rich Lane. Rich Lane is a pretty busy street for Blackfoot, but like most of Blackfoot, it doesn't have any sidewalks. I noticed that there were flashing lights behind me and I laughed to myself thinking that I was glad I wasn't the one getting pulled over. (I've been pulled over 4 times by the same officer on Rich Lane and never ticketed ~ ya, I'm pushing my luck.) Anyway, the lights finally passed me and to my surprise, this big police truck pulled in front of me and came to a stop. I thought to myself, "this couldn't be for me...what would the officer say...'excuse me mam, you are simply just running too fast'!"

Well, sure enough, the officer pulled ME over, while I was running, to tell me that I needed to wear something other than black to run in. What? Me wear something other than black? Doesn't he know that black is my signature color...that it is slimming, and that I'd rather be hit by a car than wear any other color than black?

Apparently he couldn't see me...I still think the real reason is because I was running to fast...It's a bird...It's a plane...It's...

Hi, I'm Erin and I'm new. Thanks Suzie for the invitation. I am new to running...trying to lose some weight, and so motivated by all of your successes. It just blows my mind to read about all of you, your races, your victories...and I am hoping to have some of my own. I ran my first race on Thanksgiving Day...I'll post about it soon. I'm cousins with Ang and Team Hanni that are also contributors of this site and I love them and thank them for setting the example. I have a 3 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. My husband and I just opened up two Anytime Fitness Centers and now I just need to get back in shape. I've always been healthy and fit...until my first pregnancy where I let it all go and haven't got back. I'm ready to set some goals and see them finished. Thanks again for all of your posts. If I am ever not feeling like running or working out, all I have to do is visit Marathon Mommies and I have a sudden burst of energy and encouragement. I love you all!!!

~The Butter Ball


Team Hanni said...


I love this story. I am convinced that officer really likes to pull you over.... he he he.

You are such a beautiful person. I am so glad you are posting here. What do you think about a Salt Lake race this spring??? It would be so awesome! You can do it!

Roxanne said...

So are you another Idaho runner? I loved your post it cracked me up because I always get a hard time for wearing all black when I run. I totally relate. Good job for starting your running journey.

Suzie Petunia said...

"I'd rather be hit by a car than wear any other color than black" I thought I was the only one who felt this way. :) My solution is to carry or wear a LED light. I'll have to post about all of my creative "reflective" running things soon. But, be careful out there! You can't win the Run For the Bling prize if you get hit by a car. :)

I'm so glad you have joined us and that you feel motivated by our little running community. Welcome!