Thursday, December 06, 2007

I am an Alcoholic...

My love of alcohol, the truth is out. I am an alcoholic. No, not the pour me another glass kind...the Rubbing alcohol kind. It is awesome and I use it every day. I thought that I would share my two favorite uses for it since they have helped me in my running the past few months.

The first use that I discovered that I loved came in need during my first pregnancy. I was having heat flashes and cold sweats and I just felt like I was sweating all the time. I started putting alcohol on a cotton swab and coating my armpits every morning after I showered, then I would apply my deodorant like normal. This dried out my pits, killed bacteria that caused B.O. and just plain worked like a charm. I still use it to this day, everyday. I never sweat in my arm pits when I do it and I never smell. (Seriously, this might not be an attractive subject, but it really works. I always need to shower after I run, but at least I don't smell!) Dr. Oz says that sweating is natural and that preventing it causes your body to not be able to release chemicals and toxins. I say 'let the sweat come from somewhere else'!

Remember..."Horses sweat, men perspire, and women GLOW!"

My new favorite use of Alcohol is for homemade ice packs. If you ever need to ice your knees or your neck like I do after running sometimes, leave the frozen peas in the freezer and make yourself your own trusty icepack.

1 part Rubbing Alcohol
3 parts water

Double or triple zip lock this mixture, put it in the freezer and congratulations, you have your very own, cost you nothing, ice pack. This pack is great because it never freezes into a hard solid, so you can always mold it just the way you want it.

Enjoy your Alcohol this Christmas Season...I know I will!


Polliwog said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. That was all new info for me, and I could really use that alcohol-in-the-armpit tip. ;)

cherl said...

Ah, all the things I learn from this blog... :)

Ang said...

Fun tips.

Annie said...

If those uses for rubbing alcohol really work, you will never stop hearing me praise your name. I'm so going to try it. Thanks!