Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Meet up with the Mommies!

Hey Ladies, I hope you are having fun running-for-the-bling! I am getting anxious to meet and run with some of you in person. Here are a few opportunities.

December 24-31st- I just bought my tickets to Salt Lake-woo hoo! We will be visiting with Jeff's family. I would love to meet for a run or just to meet any of the Utah girls.

January 12- Ang told me about this one! The Nookachamps race in North Washington. I will be there, with Ang and Suzie. (Tickets from Salt Lake to Seattle are cheap today only on Southwest if you need a getaway!)

Feel free to keep us posted on your races! The more we can support one another, the better!

Thanks for all your inspiration.


Ang said...

Hey girlies. Can you believe our half is 4 weeks from Sat.!!! I better get my buns in gear! I hope you'll cheer for me really loud when I finish an hour after you two! :)

Who else is joining us??? Anybody? How ofter do you get the chance to call yourself a Nookachamp? Come on, it's going to be great.

M&M said...

Aren't you in Hawaii right now? :-) I don't feel ready to race a half, but it will be fun. No expectations, right?

I hope you are having a great time. I am avoiding housework, ha ha!

Ang said...

I got back from Hawaii late Monday night. I wish I was still there! I too am avoiding housework and tons of laundry.

Roxanne said...

My kids are taking a nap and I decided to take a look back and see how this whole Marathon Mommies started. It was so fun to read your early posts and watch the evolution of this site. My favorite to read was your Ogden marathon details. Of course I am biased because this was my first marathon also (2007). I think that so many of us identify with this site because we are all living it in our own communities. I have formed some similar life long friendships with other mothers just like you, because of running. I could relate to so many of your posts and was reminded of some great running memories. I think there are a lot more of "us" than we realize. Isn't it amazing! Thanks m&m, and Suzie for starting this great support network.

Polliwog said...

I'll be in Utah the 29th thru the 5th. I'll be in Alpine but would definitely drive a little ways for a marathon mommies run :) (depending on the road conditions, of course). Where in SLC will you be m&m? Right in the city? South at all?

Annie said...

I would love to get together for a run in SLC. We will be visiting Drew's family in SLC during that time. We'll be there from Dec 18-29. Please e-mail me with details.