Thursday, December 27, 2007

Top Two.

I'm getting sick of all my playlists on my ipod. There's nothing like a new playlist to get a person psyched for a run. I love it. So I need your help. Let's make a marathon mommies playlist. If everyone will put down their top two favorite songs to run to, we should get a pretty good list. Title and Artist. For example, at the moment, my two favorite songs are:

No One by Alicia Keys and
Tattoo by Jordin Sparks

Thanks for your help! I can't wait to get some new songs! I realize we may have to do this every few months because if you're anything like me, your favorite songs change. A lot.

P.S. Last night I was telling my husband that I was going to do this post. I asked him what his two favorite songs were. I thought maybe I would like them too. So I asked him to make me a new playlist today of all the songs he thought I would like.(I think I remember Team Hanni telling me she did this once with her husband.) Then I went to the gym and used the new playlist. I hadn't looked at it beforehand, so every song was a surprise. It was fun. I was kind of giggling when new songs would come on knowing my husband chose them for me. Best of all, it made the run go by much faster. The first song was Friday I'm in Love by The Cure. Cute huh.

Just a suggestion.


Team Hanni said...

I love this. I got a treat this week and got to use Kimm's (my sister in law) new ipod shuffle for my runs. It's like a breath of fresh air to have something new to listen to. I am a bit of an old school music listener. I can't get enough 80's or something with a great beat. From her playlist, I especially loved listening to No Doubt - Cool, and Rocket by Def Leppard (I'm not into this kind of music usually, but the drums were in sinc with my feet).

Ang- How cute that Nate did that for you. I love it when Jeff makes me a new playlist. He cracks me up with some of the stuff he puts on there.

Count me for a long run today......

Clairissa said...

Hey! I think I came across your blog from Kara B. and Brittany S. I need some new music on my playlist, too! I've never been brave enough to run a marathon, but just ran in my first half this past Oct. I loved it! Anyway, my two favs right now are:

The Hives - Tick Tick Boom
Taking Back Sunday - Liar

Have a great day!

Chelle said...

This is GREAT fun!

Here are mine:

Mean Girls -- Sugarland
Whole Lotta Love -- Led Zepplin (okay, this song would be rated "R" because the middle part gets a little um, suggestive if you know what I mean. But it's Led Zepplin-- and so freaking awesome.)

If those don't ring your bell, here are two more standbys (I just can't stop myself)

Time - Chantal Kreviazuk
The Distance - Cake


foxontherun said...

This is so tough. How can I just only mention 2. My all time favorite song to run to is "Family Affair" by Mary J. Blige. "King For A Day" by XTC. I have many more that I like but you said two. I look forward to hearing what everyone else is listening to for 20 miles

Suzie Petunia said...

The one time I had my husband surprise me with music on my MP3 player I (unfortunately) ended a 1/2 marathon race listening to "White Wedding" by Billy Idol. Blah!

But I love this idea! There is one song that I love to run to during a race because it provides the perfect race-pace cadence. (I tend to match my pace to the rhythm of whatever I am listening to!) Both times I have gotten a PR during a marathon I was listening to "Angel" by Shaggy. "You were there through my incarceration... I wanna show the nation my appreciation..." It makes me giggle a bit, but the rhythm is perfect! "Eye of the Tiger" is a good old favorite to run to.

Ang said...

Count me for a Friday run.

Roxanne said...

Music is huge when running. I listen to loud music while running so this may not be for everyone but if you like to rock out then here you go:

Queens of the Stone Age - No one Knows (this has the best beat for running, I love to sprint out the end of a run to this song.

The Toadies- Away (another great beat that you can't help but sing along with)

These are some of my more mild songs, for those of you who are interested in more loud music let me know I have a huge playlist.

Just an idea for those of you who are running the Salt Lake Marathon. I love putting songs that remind me of family members or close friends on my playlist. It is a way for me to take a little part of them with me while I run. I usually put them at the first of my list, it is very inspirational.

foxontherun said...

I ran on Saturday. And I had to add "Everybodies Changing" by Keane. Love it

Sticky Niki said...

I ran Thursday and Saturday...and not to nag, but I think I should be at 7 now. I, too, am in need of new running tunes. But, I like running to Kelly Clarkson and Depeche Mode (the second disc of the 101 collection is great for a 4miler).

Ang said...

Count me for a long run on Sat.

Ang said...

My totaly should be 12 counting monday's run.