Friday, January 25, 2008

So what did ya'll think??
  • Did you love it as much as me?
  • Who did you relate to in the movie? I was so with the girl who had the little daughter and it was her first marathon - yet I was more like the grandpa running
  • Did you sit through the end of the credits to watch the making of the movie and deleted scenes?
  • Did your theatre make an audible noise when you found out the runner from Kenya got second again the next year?
  • Did it get you excited to run?
  • Did it bring back memories of other races? I seriously cried through half of it and even came home to finally finish my mental journal on my blog of my marathon training.
  • Did you know there is an encore presentation on Feb. 21?
What was your favorite part?


M&M said...

The movie was fascinating. I was on the verge of tears almost the entire time. I felt all the emotions that running a marathon brings out in me. I LOVE that others understand how I feel about this. We went with our group of friends who ran St. George. We are a varied group and all run for different reasons which is one of the things I love about the Marathon. I loved that they profiled the elite and the "average Joe" marathoner.

Kristi, thanks for your "mental" account of the marathon.

sarah k. said...

I was so surprised that there weren't very many people in the theater. One of my friends even backed out so I had to eat her ticket.

I was sad the guy from Kenya didn't win, but I was thinking that maybe the other guy from Kenya had a brother who needed a new house too. It really put into perspective how important a little money can be.

I also thought how lovely it would be to eat 5,000 calories a day.

I came home and checked the forecast, and it said it would be 1 degree this morning. I was so sad. Then, this morning, I decided to run anyway. I felt hard-core.

M&M said...

I could talk about this movie all day! I told my hubby today that I want him to go see the next showing of it. I am curious to know his thoughts as a non-marathoner! I really identified with the guy who was trying to qualify for Boston. I wanted to cry for him when he got hurt. I was so impressed that he helped out on the training runs. I really wanted Daniel Djenga to get first, along with the rest of the theater!

Ang, Team Hanni- I am curious to know your thoughts not having run a marathon. Did this get you excited?!!

Suzie Petunia said...

I loved all of the footage of the many, many people crossing the finish line by themselves of with loved ones. You just know that THAT moment was a culmination of so much hard work, sacrifice, time, endurance, pain, and commitment - for so many people all at the same time in the same place. I love watching people cross the finish line in races. I want to cry tears of happiness and appreciation for everyone!

5000 calories.... I could totally do that. Unfortunately my training schedule doesn't begin to compare to hers! I was so thrilled that she won!! Especially training through an injury. Wouldn't you love to have a physical therapist for a husband?!

I had never heard that story about Katherine Switzer - the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. I loved hearing her account and seeing those photos where the official attacked her, but got pushed off the road by her boyfriend. Awesome! What a moment for women's lib!

Obviously I loved a lot of things about this movie. My husband wasn't able to come with me like he initially intended to. I can't wait for him to see it - I just know it will make him want to get training for his next marathon. (He has done one, but isn't super motivated to get out and run anymore.)

Suzie Petunia said...

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the photos of the race official trying to remove her from the Boston course.

Ang said...

I did love the movie. I'm just sad at the moment that I left during the credits and didn't see the deleted scenes and making of the movie. Bummer.

I thought the husband of Lori was funny with his thoughts that anything more than five miles is for buses and cars, especially when she ends up right where she started.

When the movie was over I turned to my friend Debbie and told her I wasn't sure if the movie made me feel better or worse! We agreed that we felt way more excited, and way more scared all at the same time. Basically because we are afraid we will be like the single mom who had to walk and was crying in the middle of it! We want to feel awesome at the end like Lori. And can I just tell you, when they were getting ready for their 20 mile run, Debbie and I just looked at each other like oh my word, that is going to be us in a very short time, what are we thinking.

Also, in my theater we clapped when our USA girl won! I had my hand on my face while they were showing the footage.

I cried at all the signs that the families were holding up. Run Mom Run. Dad you're our hero. I laughed at the You're all crazy sign.

And I too loved all the finishing moments. I keep dreaming of mine. I KNOW I will be like the single mom at the finish when it comes to crying my eyes out! I have it all figured out in my head.

So basically to end my super long comment, I'm totally excited for SLC!!!! Ahhhhhhhh and totally freaking out!

P.S. Team Hanni went to a Pine Wood Derby last night so she couldn't go.

Jen said...

Lo-lo-loved it. Though, it mildly freaked me out. Can you believe that Deena Kastor? Holy manoly, I have a long way to go.

Holly said...

I HATED missing it!! I am marking my calendar for Feb. 21 and will NOT be thwarted. :)

So glad to hear many, many good things about it. Can't wait.

foxontherun said...

Loved it! I especially identified when someone said that when you are not running all that you talk about is running and when you are running you talk about everything else. It's got me excited for Boston. Woo Hoo!