Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two (important) Questions

Numero Uno: Have you learned the skill of spitting ("hocking a loogy" ) while you run? A girl in my running group went through basic training in the Army and she has it down to an art form. I think it would be a nice skill to have.

Me? I end up with spit on the side of my face. Eewwwwww.

Numero Dos: Have you ever run to the song "The Distance" by Cake? Simply change all of the "He's going the distance" to "She's going the distance, she's going for speed" and I do believe you have the coolest running song ever.

That's all.

Happy Thursday Running!!


M&M said...

I am a terrible spitter! I am always afraid it is going to come back on my face!

And I LOVE that song! I heard it on the end of my run last week and it was just what I needed for a last boost.

You rock, Chelle!

SeanandJess said...

I have to admit I can spit a good loogie while running--but I have no idea how I gained that skill. Probably from growing up right between two boys!

Oh and ditto on the song.

poky girl said...

The spitting thing is a bit tricky but I don't feel the need to spit too often while running. Now blowin' snot rockets ....that's a whole different story. The constant sniffing drives me crazy. I usually only blow em when I'm running alone, checked both ways for cars and assured myself that no one is watching, but I can't seem to find a dainty way of doing it.

foxontherun said...

Poky, there is no such thing as dainty snot rockets. I can't do either. Spit just gets on my face and snot rockets just plain make more mess.

I do like the song it is not on my playlist It may need to be added soon.

Suzie Petunia said...

One of the guys we run our long runs with on Saturdays gave me one of the greatest compliments of my life: "Sarah, you spit like a guy!" :) And it has only been recently that I've mastered the snot rocket on solo runs. It feels very liberating!

Chelle said...

Snot rockets? I'm "green" with envy. Sorry... it was wide open for that cheesy joke. : )