Monday, January 14, 2008

We are Nookachamps!

The first official Marathon Mommy Meetup went very well! I didn't meet up with Ang and her brother Jordan until just before the race started. It was great to finally meet in person(and I loved her skirt)! She is just as nice and fun as she seems on her blog. Next time, I hope to be able to stay and hang out more. We barely made it to the starting line, and I didn't even hear a gun go off, I just saw the crowd start moving! The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful course. Ang and I started off together, but I was kind of doing an experiment with my heart rate and keeping it lower for the first mile, so she speeded ahead. I saw her just ahead of me for most of the race. At the halfway mark, I was getting excited to speed up and then at mile 8 there was a short steep hill that took me by surprise. I watched Ang power to the top and I must admit, I was very impressed! After that hill I was able to get going again, but then at mile 11, there was a long gradual uphill that just got the better of me. It was fun to see Ang at the finish line. I had hoped to catch up and get to race part of it with her, but it just wasn't my day. However, I am meeting with a sports medicine doctor so I can finally get my crazy heart rate/asthma stuff figured out so I can just run! I was also able to meet Ang's sis in law Lindsay who will be in Salt Lake with us. It was her very first half marathon and she did awesome!! You can read her report here.

Final time: 1:58 something! (It wasn't a very official race!!)

Ang, I am so proud of you! I can't wait to read your report and I am excited to meet other mommies in Salt Lake City!!

This is not running related, but it is definitely mommy related. I was able to go to the race by myself! It is a 4 hour drive and I went to spend time with my aunt for her 50th birthday. I had a wonderful time! She was very cute and came to the race and took pictures. She got to see a little of this crazy running world!

Suzie, will you kindly post pictures from our New Years Run? We should probably do a report for that. :-)


Suzie Petunia said...

Good job, ladies! How fun to meet up and race together... or at least race near each other. :) Chelle and I met last summer to run a half - it is so fun to meet another mommy! I am so sad I couldn't make it last weekend, Ang and M&M. I would have if I could have!

I am having some serious technical difficulties with my computer. It won't let me upload any pictures from my camera at the moment. So, I'll get those New Years pictures up as soon as I can!

sarah k. said...

Way to go! I'm gonna go hide behind my jealousy now.

Team Hanni said...

Nice job, both of you! How fun to meet! I can't wait for SLC!!!

SeanandJess said...

Great job ladies!