Sunday, March 02, 2008

Big Belly update!

It was a great week running with the belly and I discovered a few things this week that might be of interest. First is what type of back and belly support to wear while running was a big question for me. I searched for any reviews and advice from other runners and the best suggestion was the Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt found in several locations but I ordered my online through I am measuring at 36 1/2 inches so having a support belt while I run is crucial. I love how this belt is adjustable and it really gives my lower back the support it needs.

I have also been searching for a running shirt that will cover my belly. I always run in shirts that are made with dry wick breathable fabric but my belly hangs out the bottom of all my shirts. I looked all over town looking for a shirt with the idea that I could just by a bigger size and it would work. What I discovered is that they just don't fit right, it either looks like a huge tent or my belly hangs out the bottom. I was getting a little frustrated and figured I would check to see if there was anything online. I only found one shirt that had all the features that I was looking for so I gave in and ordered it even though it was a little spendy. I am so glad I bought it because it fits perfectly and is so comfortable. I also found it on
it is called the BornFit Lindsey Maternity Tee (I bought the light blue). So if you want a great shirt check this one out!

My running this week consisted of two four milers (half mile walking to warm up and half mile cool down so I ran three miles in between) and a 6 1/2 miler on Saturday (I walked a mile before and a mile after so actually ran 4 1/2 miles). I also did two days of cross-training during the week (spinning, cardio/weight class). My running seemed easier than last week and my legs did not seem as fatigued. I notice that it takes me several miles to warm up and get into a rhythm, which is double what it takes when I am not pregnant. My breathing is a little heavier than normal but feels in control. I think walking before and after I run is very important. I have found that the motion of a slow jog is actually more comfortable sometimes than a brisk walk. This is a motivator for me to just keep running. I was a little stiff and tired after my Saturday run but nothing that made me worry that I was pushing too hard. I actually feel really good and have noticed that underneath the layer of fat pregnant mommies carry, my muscles are getting stronger and feel good. I am just going to take it a week at a time, so this week was good and I will continue on with another week of training. I hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions let me know.


Suzie Petunia said...

I really admire you for running so "smart" during a pregnancy. As if running through a pregnancy wasn't hard enough! You are really doing your research and taking everything into consideration. I think you are very inspiring, and I hope you are able to run right into the delivery room!

Team Hanni said...

YEAH!!! I was hoping you would post this! I'm excited to get a maternity belt. I'm not showing yet, so would to wait to measure/order?

You have done a ton of research on this, thank you!!! I'm excited to get me some fun prego running shirts.

I'm so glad you had a good training week. I would love to be able to pull those kind of miles right now.

M&M said...

You truly are an inspiration. I love hearing about your journey. I really wanted to run pregnant and it just wasn't in the cards for me, so I am very happy for you! Thanks for sharing with us, and you are doing awesome!

foxontherun said...

I'm amazed that you and team hanni can even run pregnant. I was never able to. It hurt too bad on those ligaments. It was only swimming for me.

Ranell said...

Great news for you! And great information for the rest of us. When/if I have another baby, I am determined to be more fit and hope to run through the pregnancy, and not gain 60 lbs. like the other times. Ugh! I'm sure you are darling out there running with your belly!

Charity said...

I Loved the article this month in Runners World about Paula Radcliffe and how she ran her entire pregnancy (even running a 42 min. 10k at 6 months....) when I read the article I immediately thought of you! Thanks for being so inspirational!