Monday, March 31, 2008

Important info about racing shirts... if you ordered one

I have decided to go with a different shirt (same design) for the shirts we are ordering. They will be better quality and it doesn't run as small. If you have emailed Sarah to order a shirt, please see the shirt measurements below to make sure you have ordered the correct size. Email Sarah if you need to change the size you ordered.

Shirt measurements

Go measure yourself and then email Sarah!

Also, the new shirts will be pink. Trust me... they will be so cute! Just wanted to give you a "heads up" so you can work on coordinating that outfit... if you'll be wearing the shirt on race day. Aren't we lovely running ladies so beautifully vain? :) I'm going to be so proud to be matching you wonderful women on race day!

P.S. If you want to order a shirt and you haven't ... this is your last chance to get them at a cheaper price than the ones at Zazzle (see sidebar). The shirts we are ordering will cost $25, which you can mail to Sarah.

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