Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another "Why I run" post

I had an incredible run this morning that I posted about on my blog. I love hearing everyone's stories! Please keep sharing.



Roxanne said...

I love reading all these posts about the influence running has in our lives. You guys are so much better at explaining it than I am. I actually wrote a post on my personal blog today about crying while running (it was my first run back from injury lane). I can never seem to get it down the way I am thinking it in my head.
Thank you to all the mommies who have shared it is so inspiring!

Suzie Petunia said...

You are my hero. I mean it.

lisamarie said...

i read your post and couldn't agree more. the way you describe yourself reminds me of someone I know very well.... I too share many of the same thoughts and have been thinking along these same lines a lot lately. i've been running now for about 10 weeks - when i started, i couldn't do a mile. tonight i ran 5 no problem. i can't even begin to explain, although you did a nice job of it, how rewarding this is to me. i know it doesn't mean much to anyone else, but to me it means everything. thanks so much for sharing.