Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Boston update

Whether you want it or not here is my running update. With 13 days until Boston I am finally running some. After 5 weeks of lap swimming and slogging through the water I was able to walk/run 8 miles this past Saturday. I miss running with my friends M&M, Suzie, Poky, and Smith. On Sat. I went to a Park in downtown Portland that has an extensive trail system. (My coach doesn't want me running on pavement yet) This trail is many miles long uphill and downhill through heavily forested vegetation. Very beautiful. So I walked mostly and ran about 2 of the 8 miles through mud and rain and loved every minute of it. It was so nice to get moving again. My quads felt good and even better they still felt good the next day.

I met my coach Monday morning for him to actually finally see me run for the first time. He told me I heel strike too much. We worked on that and increasing my cadence. We worked on running downhill and uphill all on a treadmill. I don't think I have ever enjoyed a treadmill more. It was just so nice to run. I ended up doing 5 miles. Afterwards he had me lift weight to see where my strength was in my legs. I have a very big discrepancy between my quads and hamstrings. (After this marathon I need to work on those hamstrings).

We talked about a taper plan (which includes the most running I've done in 5 weeks) He told me to adjust my marathon goals. I have to tell myself this is not a PR marathon. This is a marathon to experience. So with that said these are my goals for the marathon.

1. To finish
2. To enjoy this experience after all it's Boston Baby!
3. I hope to be under 4 hours

Wish me luck and in a year from now I hope to have a PR marathon somewhere and maybe I'll be able to meet some of you mommies. I feel left out not going to SLC.


M&M said...

Hey this is the best news I've heard all day! I am so happy for you that you were able to run. You have worked so hard and smart through your injury-you deserve a wonderful Boston. Take in every moment and share it with those not able to make it there-yet! I am so proud of you and can't wait to run with you again. Congrats!

poky girl said...

Foxy-I've been wanting to call you but am feeling like a bit of a pest, always asking you "how did it feel today? Any changes?". That is such GREAT news. I bet you feel awesome. Can't wait to hear more details tonight at YW. Just this morning as m&m, Smith and I were running it just struck me..I miss Kirsten!

Suzie Petunia said...

I am so impressed with how you have kept up your training when you weren't able to run! I probably would have thrown my hands in the air and said, "Oh well! Nothing I can do about it!" But you've been training in the water and staying in the shape you need to be in to run Boston. I wish I could see you run it. What an amazing event! I hope B takes LOTS of pictures. Maybe some video at the finish line? Huh? Just for me? :) I hope you'll come run it again next year ... hopefully with a bigger crowd of mommies to join you!

You are going to do awesome!

Ang said...

Yay!!!! I'm so excited to hear that you are going to do the Boston Marathon!! You deserve it. 5 weeks of lap swimming! You go girl! Look out Boston. Can't wait to hear about it!!!!!!!

And I'm sure the rest of us mommies will meet you sometime in the future! I doubt SLC is the first and only marathon mommy gathering. I'm sure there are plenty in the future!

Good Luck!!!!

melissa said...

Okay So all you mommies out there. I have a big blister on the bottom of my foot from running. whats the best thing to do for it? Anyone?

cherl said...

I miss running through Forest Park. Glad to hear you had a great run! Take care of yourself these next 13 days. I'm looking forward to reading your race report from Boston!!

Team Hanni said...

YEAH!!!! I have thought about you a lot and wondered how the water training was doing. Congrats on the green light so far.... Enjoy Boston!!! We are all amazed by you!

Melissa -

Sterilize a straight pin and pop the blister. Let it drain and it will feel sooooo much better. Make sure you don't take any of the skin off.... it acts like a natural band-aid. Good luck and happy running!

Polliwog said...

Great news! Yep, it will be an experience, regardless of your time. You certainly don't need a PR to distinguish it in your memory. It's phenomenal that you qualified and it would be heart breaking to miss it. Can't wait for a report.