Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello Marathon Mommies!

I've been waiting for a quiet moment to sit down and introduce's spring break so I think the quietest moment I'm going to get is...not that quiet:) I was ecstatic when I found this web site! My sister-in-law bumped into it and sent it on to me knowing what a loner I am as I train for the St. George marathon...or another if I don't "win the lottery" and get in. So I'm excited to find other Mom's to share in the journey. And I'm so excited to hear about Salt Lake! Good luck to you all!

First I'll explain a little about my silly name. I live in one of the windiest little cities in the USA! Seriously. The federal government just picked the hill I live in front of to experiment with the huge wind fans that generate electricity. They had to put the project on hold for a while because of extreme wind conditions. Hence the name. I really don't enjoy running in the wind and didn't want anyone to get the impression that I did:) But it does help with conditioning. If you can keep an 8 minute mile pace while running uphill and into 40 MPH winds...take the wind away and it feels like you're flying up the hill! So non-windy days are very exciting around here.

I'm also a Personal Trainer and teach a few Pilates courses at a local gym. I would totally recommend Pilates as a cross training/strength training regimen. It has made me so much stronger then weight lifting...and leaner. Who needs to bulk up with muscle when they're trying to run so far? It has also taught me how to really rely on my core when I get fatigued! I wish I could teach all you Marathon Mommies Pilates. It would be so much fun to teach runners!

I really am excited to get to know you all! I love love love running!
GOOD LUCK IN SALT LAKE. Maybe next year I can join you!


Erin said...


I love pilates too. But I am not super faithful. Would you be willing to put together a 30 minute Pilates routine for me. A list of which exercises would help me with running, and the best order to do them in...and reps etc. I promise to be faithful and to let you know how it goes.



PS Marathon Mommies I am in for the 1/2...add me to the list!

Suzie Petunia said...

Oh, oh, me too!! I would love a routine!

I was an extremely faithful pilates-er (not a word, I know) before my last pregnancy. I went EVERY week and I felt great! I was the thinnest I had ever been (post babies) and my running was going great. Since my last baby they have canceled the class I used to go to. I actually loved that the instructor did the exact 1-hour routine every time. I wish I had brought in an audio recorder so I could do her workout at home because now I can't remember it.

Anyway... I'm such a believer in pilates!

Welcome, wind runner! I am psyched to have a runner/pilates instructor in our midst. :)

Ang said...

Ooooo yes, a routine would be great!

Also, what city do you live in?? I'm not a stalker, just so curious about this crazy wind place you speak of!

Welcome to the "Mommies!!" Good luck winning the St. George lottery!

Anonymous said...

Running against the wind does not sound fun- but I can imagine the difference on the non-windy days, that would rock!

I have never been a fan of pilates, but I want to be- really! So I hope you post a killer routine or something.

Hope to see you in St. George!

Jessica said...

I love pilates too but just like the others I have not been faithful in doing it for about 4 years now. I lost the pilates workout video I had when I moved and never replaced it. If it helps that much with running I think it is time for a replacement!

M&M said...

Your training paces amaze me! (Especially in the wind. I can handle a little rain (have to living in Oregon!) but the wind is a different story!) I too would like to hear more about Pilates. I definitely could use a stronger core after 3 c-section babies. Welcome! I look forward to hearing your journey to St. George.

Charity said...

I think the what everyone is saying is....POST A PILATES WORKOUT!!!...Please! Really, I'm not yelling (I just realized that's what all caps means) just excited...

Trust me, if I could get to a gym that wasn't 175 a month + 5 dollars per kid an hour for child care each time, I would take a class...

Until then...It's all you!


Polliwog said...

Why say it again? But I eighth the pilates routine request.

And I am planning on running the SLC next spring. I'm loving hearing about everybody's training on the blog and living (and envying) vicariously. Yay for long-range planning. ;)

Team Hanni said...

We have a lot of wind here too. Spring here means 40 MPH winds. I'm not as tough as you though.... I have run a few times in it but usually do the treadmill instead.

I have never tried pilates and would love any help you can offer, through posts!!! So glad you are here.

wind runner said...

So I get the feeling everyone would like a pilates routine! Let me have a few days to figure something wonderful out...and get my kids back to school! I'll post next week sometime. Email me...( you read this...with what pilates you have done- windsor, power pilates, has anyone heard of Stott pilates? That's what I'm certified in...terminology wise I just need to know! Yeah!

Anniebananie said...

Welcome, I guess I need to try pilates! Where should I start?