Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Official-I'm in for the Marathon!

Salt Lake just took the money out of my account so I guess that means I am officially registered. (Yes, I waited a long time to register-pregnancy, injury, never a guarantee you are going to make it to race day!)

So, what now? Here is my list of marathon preparation. Please add your own in the posts so that we can help each other.

Before the Race:

1. I make a separate carry on bag just for the items I need for the marathon. This is for a few reasons:
a)so I know it is all in one place
b)so that my Garmin and my Shuffle are with me on the plane
c)It is fun to pack it all together. :-)

2)My list of must haves:
a. clothes for layering before the marathon so that I can keep warm while waiting for it to start. I make sure these are clothes I can live without just in case I don't get them back.
b. my own gel
c. fuel belt (I personally don't like to rely on the marathon stations)
d. shuffle
e. Garmin
f. Nike dry-fit double layer socks- LOVE these!! I don't get blisters when I wear these
g. Lucky bra :-)
h. shorts AND capris (depending on actual weather)
i. Marathon Mommies shirt (short sleeved) and a thin long sleeve shirt (depending on weather again.)
j. gloves
k. body glide (okay, I will admit I haven't been using this, but at St. George I had the worst chafing I have EVER had on my arm where my sleeve rubbed. (advice: don't wear shirts that are too snug around the arms. :-)
l. chapstick
m.pre-race food that I am used to eating
n. Change of clothes for after the race (especially socks!)
o. ibuprofen or whatever you are used to taking
p. special lucky item with you- Kristi writes on her feet and I am going to try that this time. I will also be carrying a little picture of my dad.
q. Did I miss anything?

3) Start eating those carbs! Don't necessarily eat more food, just make sure a higher percentage comes from carbs. Do this for a few days before the race, starting today or tomorrow.

4) Start drinking a lot of water. Hydration starts the few days before the race.

5) Take it EASY these next few days! Don't go crazy on the sight seeing! You want to feel completely rested before the race.

6) Don't do anything majorly different before the race. It should all feel very familiar.

During the race advice:

1. Have fun! Enjoy each moment!
2. Talk to other runners and meet new friends.
3. Smile. There will be lots of pictures taken. (Note to self: I am NOT waving in any pictures this year! I always look silly.)

I am so excited for everyone and can't wait to meet you. Even if you don't come to the party, please come and say hi to me and the other Mommies. It is so fun to all be in this together. (Yes, picture me singing "We're all in this Together" from High School Musical!)

Please feel free to add the things that have worked for you. I learn something new each time I race. And, feel free to ask questions! You guys rock!

(Oh, and challenge update: I am still doing pretty well, but I wanted to mention, I have been eating graham crackers as my "treat." So, Chelle, I think all the things you turned down were amazing, and I hope you enjoyed the Teddy Grahams. It has been nice to feel like I am eating healthier before the race!)


JP said...

This is the coolest list! I love it...and ideas that I never really thought of. I'm packing tonight, so this was perfect timing.

I leave tomorrow afternoon! Holy Cow!!

Suzie Petunia said...

I have my own written list sitting right here next to the computer! Thanks for reminding me to pack my running stuff separate. Good idea... just in case.

Is it really time to pack for this thing??!

Suzie Petunia said...

Don't forget your charger for your Garmin, your shuffle, iPod, cell phone, etc...

Erin said...

Packing is my least favorite thing. I had better get started. I really want to come meet you all of Friday. Will you email me the address...


Would you like me to bring anything?

I am getting excited.

Anniebananie said...

I think you thought of everything! I am so excited to meet all of you! Have a great trip here...see you Friday evening!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for posting this. I guess since I am not traveling far, I just haven't thought of it yet- and know it would be Friday before I did.

cherl said...

Great list, Kelly!

One more: favorite post-race foods!

I love to have a bag of Tim's Cascade Sea Salt & Vinegar potato chips and a Toblerone waiting for me after a race or long run. :)

Best of luck to all of you racing this weekend! Remember to sprint as hard as you can when you see the finish line and to wear the biggest grin you can muster up when you do cross it.

cherl said...

One other because I'm always paranoid about the wake-up call not working or the power going out... I like to have two alarm clocks set up, one 5 or 10 minutes after the first, just in case. If you are traveling, maybe you'll also want to pack your alarm clock?

puff-in said...

I am leaving wed. morning and i would have forgot everything. Thanks for posting the list.
See ya soon!!!