Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not Quite the Post I Had Hoped to Write

There’s a part of me that doesn’t even want to talk about the actual race. I could go on and on for days about meeting some of my favorite Marathon Mommies and how awesome they are. I could talk forever about how I wished I could take them home with me in my suitcase because they were so wonderful. But the race? The Half Marathon from Hell? Bleh.

Okay, it wasn’t from Hell…but it certainly wasn’t heavenly, by any stretch of the imagination.

In hindsight, I realize that as I prepared for the elevation difference by drinking lots and lots of water, my body was retaining all that water to prepare for…something else. I wish I could say that after mile 3, my breathing regulated, my muscles regulated and my stomach was fine…but I know better than to lie to all you awesome ladies. (Ya’ll run faster than I do…’nuff said.) I actually felt like I was going to throw-up the entire race. I walked WAY more than I ever wanted to. Nothing felt right. And that’s not even starting on the wind. (I know I’m a klutz, but holy cow…the wind nearly tripped me!!) I was bummed because while my first half (in October) was super hard – I enjoyed every minute of it. This time around, despite my grand ideas …it was just hard and I wanted to get it over with. I do believe this is what Miss Suzie P called: HUMBLE PIE…at a much higher elevation than I’m used to eating that humble pie. Bleh.

The silver lining of all of this includes many things: I finished. Even though it wasn’t all that great…I overcame. (And somehow (no idea how) improved my time by 4 minutes.) But mostly? The best part was that I met some of the most fantastic women in person…instead of just the internet. :-) I got to spend a ton of time talking and hanging out with Erin who helped me make it through this event. I could NOT have done this without her. (I'm so proud of her...she left me in the dust…don’t let her fool you!) I got to hang out with the person who inspired me to run…and others that help keep me running now. I wish I could express how wonderful it was to meet all of you Marathon Mommies and how much it meant to me. Even those that I didn’t “know” very well, I just was in awe of everyone around me. It was just so gosh darn exciting, I tell you!

The big ‘ol lesson I gained from this is that I’m going to get back on that proverbial horse and not give up. I’ve only been running for a little less than nine months. Not only that, I started big with a half marathon (for not doing any sort of running before in my life) and it’s probably time that I head on to train in smaller segments. I’ve got my first ever 5k coming up for the Race for the Cure in May. (Hurray!) And then I’ll probably do another in June to keep my interest and to give me a little bit more confidence. After that, I’ll start training for another half marathon a little closer to home in October. After that? Who knows…but I’m not going to stop.


Erin said...

You are so Fabulous! I'm sorry that the race was so hard for you. You. You should have stuffed yourself with more pasta like me...;)haha. It sounds like your first 1/2 and mine were the same. Maybe Round Two is always harder...I shall see. Because I'm not giving up either. I'm coming out there this fall to see you!

(Pinch on your buns...)

I love you!

JP said...

Is there anyone who cannot see why I love her so?? DELIGHTFUL and WONDERFULLY AMAZING.

And now, I really should go to bed...I'm sicker than a dog. Although, that expression makes no sense to me.

Roxanne said...

It is so hard when you have a bad day and it just happens to be on race day. It is great that you did it and are looking at all the different things you can learn from it. Keep it going!

M&M said...


Your race sounds just like mine, and I am sorry it wasn't more enjoyable. The next one will be awesome!!!

On the other hand, it was AWESOME to finally meet you in person after stalking you for a few years. I LOVE having you part of our blog and have been inspired by you as have many others. I think it is a good plan for you to run some shorter races but I love that you started "big." It was great to meet Sarah also. You are both so fun!

Ang said...

You are awesome!! You finished and what else matters? I'm still sad I didn't get to talk more with you. I think you are so much fun!! I'm blaming my slower than planned time on a chip malfunction. Why not? I think your plan for future running sounds great. I do hope that we do have another chance to meet in the future though! You go girl!

Team Hanni said...

I soooooo wanted to meet you or at least cheer you on while you running last Saturday. I'm so sorry it was a great day for you - my husband ran the half and really struggled too. The next one will be better - I can't wait to hear how your 5K goes next month. It will seem so short and sweet compared to the big daddy of races you just did.

Way to go JP!!!

Anniebananie said...

I feel like I am repeating myself a lot, but YOU DID IT! I am so proud of you! I have had my share of yucky runs, don't give up and don't be too hard on yourself. It was fun to meet you, fun to know you are in the same area as my brother, at least closer than I. (In case you forgot he lives in Rocklin). Remember you conquered! Feel better soon and conquer that 5k next month. Hugs!

JP said...

I love this little network we've got goin' here...thanks for all the nice thoughts and kudos. Ya'll don't know how much that means to me. Smooches to all!! :)

Chelle said...

JP - What can I say that hasn't already been said? You know how I feel about you. Lots and lots of love.

p.s. Having you and photog Sara at the pasta party was better than most entertainment. It was like sitting there for a comedy act-- I felt like I should pay you guys at the end for all of the laughs... so, so very funny. Tell her I said that, will ya?

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