Thursday, April 24, 2008

Okay, wallowing officially over!

I was going to write a long detailed report about what went wrong for me, but I decided that it is time to move on. Suzie, I am sure you are happy to hear that.

So, no more eating chocolate frosting straight out of the can, no more Snickers for breakfast, and no more dwelling on a goal not reached.

My question to you wonderful, amazing ladies is what my next plan should be. I am at a loss of where to go now. Here are the choices and feel free to add your own ideas:

1. Run another marathon in the next couple of months and try again while I am still trained.
2. Take a break and pick a 10k or a half marathon to train for a PR and then try again in a year for the marathon.
3. Sign up for St. George with Sarah. (Which would mean only a 2 months break before starting to train again...)

The good news is I am already back running(slow!!), so I must not be too depressed. (That or I am just stubborn!) I lifted weights twice this week and I am looking forward to getting a Pilates routine from Windrunner. I also signed up for a 5 week boot camp at the Y to get my butt kicked by someone else!!

So, there you have it. Thanks, ladies, for all your inspiration and support.


Jen said...

I am so proud of you for picking yourself back up! And, hey, there's nothing wrong with a little frosting out of the can!

I too am now trying to figure out what race to do next. Half? Full? I don't know! I kind of want to do St. George, but wow, that's not that far away to run yet another marathon. Thoughts?

Anniebananie said...

First of all, what a woman! You already did weights twice, ran twice and are considering your next race! You go girl! Hmmm! It is on my mind too. I have not decided yet, if my horizons are on another marathon this year. If you all keep talking about it, I might just do it, I still need some nudging. My next race will be 2 legs of the Ogden Marathon Relay. Then I am doing the Wasatch Back the end of June. I hope I am up for it all. Has anyone done Hobble Creek 1/2, my eye is on that one in August. I hear it is beautiful. Well GOOD LUCK with all your plans.

Anonymous said...

Look at you! I love that you have signed up for a class- mix it up a bit and all. I made some German chocolate cake frosting the other day and had more than a couple spoonfuls of that good stuff...

Annie- I am doing Hobble Creek for sure. I have heard it is an awesome race and smaller and all that. I can't wait- esp if I end up going for St. George and actually get in! It will be a good pre-race.

JP said...

Inspiring, I tell you!! I've caught a wicked cold/flu (thank you, airplanes) and will be back and on the go this weekend.

I tell you, you are an AMAZING woman. Way to go!

Suzie Petunia said...

I feel exhausted having just read your list of physical activities already in the works. Let your body recover, girl! Especially if you're going to try for St. George. And remember what Hal Higdon teaches, "You are not ready to train for a new marathon until you've forgotten about the last one." ...Just like childbirth. ;)

I'm not depressed or anything, but please pass the chocolate frosting and Snickers. Thank you.

Ang said...

My diet yesterday consisted of home made oreo cookies and costco pizza. More oreo cookies and more pizza. Not even kidding.

Whatever race you decide on is going to be great. Just listen you your body and heart. You'll figure it out. :)

Nice talking to you today.

Chelle said...

Yeah, I've been doing the same thing as you.... except minus the actual running or weight lifting.
I guess all that leaves is eating frosting from the can. I've been doing plenty 'o' that. ; )