Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Recovery from the marathon tips anyone?!?

So I know some of you have your eye on other events this summer and fall. What is the best way to inch back in to the running and training for the next event after the marathon. Anyone read about this or know what to do? I walked a little Sunday, Walked with a little bit of a slow running (like tight hamstring slow run, for just a few minutes). Did nothing yesterday. Today I walked and runned. I was feeling a lot better yesterday and then when I ran a little this morning my hamstrings and calves felt a little tight. Any after race training advice?


amydear said...

My only advice would be don't jump into anything too quickly. I have a friend who wanted to do another marathon 5 months after her first and is now sitting injured. I'm running my first in 4 weeks and plan on resting for at least a week after. Then no big races until the fall. Congrats on finishing! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering this same thing. Taking it easy this week, but when I do run on Saturday, how far should I go? How long should I wait until I put myself in "training" again for a 1/2 this fall?

JP said...

may I direct you to good 'ol Hal...

(I'm terrible at sorry)

M&M said...

With all the marathon reports, hopefully you will see this. I think Hal Higdon's recovery plan is great!

Recovery Plan

That being said, I already hit the ground running. I just get too antsy. :-) I ran yesterday and today, just short runs. I also did 2 days of weight lifting just to throw in something different.

Sign up for a race at some point to keep you going. Keep us posted. Enjoy your successes!! You are awesome!

Oops, I just saw JP said this same thing. (Although linking is one thing I CAN do. :-)