Saturday, April 12, 2008


I am from Canada and every long run has been done in jacket, long sleeve, gloves, pants, hat, and 50% of the time in a neck warmer.
Help! what do I expect for the weather?
Here are your options: long sleeve, short sleeve, tank, pants, capris, shorts, jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses. Thanks!

(amí) maanístsoohpi’ kitomátskahtakssoaaistsi, (ki) ánniayi áakanísttsooyi amístsi kítssko’tsiihpoaawaistsi.
"The measure you give will be the measure you get back." [from Luke 6:38, in the Blackfoot language]

See you soon!!!!


Jen said...

I am doing shorts and a short sleeve shirt, but it will probably be a little chilly in the morning. You could also do a long sleeve shirt, and/or capris, but it's been really nice weather here. And, you warm up fast once the sun goes up. Hope this helps!

Suzie Petunia said...

If it really will be 56 (high) and sunny, then I will be wearing short sleeves (an adorable Marathon Mommies t-shirt!) and a running skirt. I'll probably wear gloves the first few miles until it warms up. My hands tend to stay cold longer than anything else.

M&M said...

I am still undecided. I wore my Marathon Mommies shirt and capris (that are basically pants on me!) this morning. I am still considering shorts.

(Suzie looked very cute in her skirt and Marathon Mommies shirt!)

Anonymous said...

Today it felt hot- I think it was in the low 70's on my run. I am planning on shorts or capris and a tank top, but starting with a long shirt over to hand off after a mile or so.

Anniebananie said...

I am wearing running skirt and short sleeve shirt.

Mindy said...

I ran outside this morning around 8am in Salt Lake County and it was cold and windy. But, I wore capris and a t-shirt and warmed up just fine after about 1-2 miles. I think that is what I'll wear unless it is snowing like it did later in the day! OUCH!