Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mystery Runner

My sister's in law were sitting at mile 5 when they took this video of a marathon mommy. If you saw three girls and had no idea who they were and they were cheering for you, they were probably my husband's sisters. :) So do you recognize yourself in this video? I really have no idea, it's kind of hard to tell.

My race report is coming. I've been working on it. It's way more details/videos than you could possible want, but I just want to remember everything about my first marathon!


Anniebananie said...

Hey Ang,
I think it might be me! I remember some girls cheering for me as a marathon mommy right there that I didn't recognize. I am not sure, but I think it is me.

Anniebananie said...

By the way, I am anxious to hear how your race went. I looked for ya! Happy day!

Ang said...


You never saw me because I was way behind you the whole time. :) You are awesome. I'm so proud of you.