Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Are you jealous of me or what?

So guess who I met over the weekend? Don't feel too bad, Hannah and I only had the chance to run up the beautiful Provo Canyon. (Hannah, don't tell them that we were talking so much we walked 2 miles of it.)

It was so fun to meet up with her. She was so kind and truly just a lovely person. I sort of wanted to take her home with me. I'm so glad that she lives so close to my parents. I'll be calling her for a run everytime I'm in town.

And then I got to see her Saturday Night as well.

We had so much fun at the 2008 Blog Party.
~And here is one more HUGE reason to be jealous of little old me....

Yep, I got to meet our very own Kristi, EVERYTHING PINK, in the flesh! I know that you are feeling pretty bad, and you should...she was fabulous.
I honestly felt like I was meeting royalty. It was her Marathon Recap that made me decide to join Marathon Mommies and sign up for my very first 4 mile Thanksgiving Day race.
And now I'm a 1/2 Marathon Mommy! Wow, I've come a long way.
I love you Hannah and Kristi! How fun to meet up with 2 marathon mommies over my weekend!
(Does my new hair cut look like a mullet?)


Erin said...

Wow, I know that it was my post, but I just want to comment again. I loved meeting Hannah and Kristi! And I loved meeting so many of you in SLC a few weeks ago.

Am I so lucky or what?

Marathon Mommies Rule!

Suzie Petunia said...

Erin, you crack me up! I AM TOTALLY jealous! I want to run with ALL of you ladies and chat, and chat, and chat. Typing can be so limiting... and it doesn't burn very many calories. :)

Ang said...

Yes, totally jealous. I would have LOVED to have met those girls.

Soon enough I will be in Provo and won't miss out on any of these fun gatherings!!

And Erin, you are a babe, and your hair looks great!

Anonymous said...

Woooo! You are so stinkin' cute Erin! Your hair does not look mullet-esque at all. It was an awesome day and I am sooo glad we got to run together and then hang out at the party. Kristi is awesome- and genuine and fabulous. Glad you got to meet her!

Anniebananie said...

I am jealous too! Your haircut is so cute! It sounds like a fun night, meeting lots of fun bloggers. Keep having fun!

Julia said...

i love your hair, erin. you look GREAT!

JP said...

I'm still a little bitter I wasn't invited. ;) hahaha...

What a fabulous time you all must've had!

Erin = cute hair and not mullet-ish at all.

Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the non-mullet looking new cut! Very sassy!

btw.... your little box of goodies is going in the mail tomorrow so you might have it this weekend :)

kristi said...

it was so great to meet you and see hannah again. sorry i didn't take you guys up on the run but i enjoyed sleeping in on a saturday with out having kiddos jummping on my face.

you are great and i can't wait till i see you again!

M&M said...

Yes, I am definitely jealous! I would love to go to this blog party. I am not a frequent commenter of those amazing girls, but I am a lurker, and it is how I found Kristi and invited her to join us! I am so glad she took me up on the offer, and didn't think I was a crazy, because I know she has inspired so many people!!

What wonderful, amazing women we have here at Marathon Mommies! I love you all and can't wait to meet more of you!!

Hannah- It was so fun chatting with you at the party and I am glad you came!

Erin- You are too cute and your hair is gorgeous!