Monday, May 26, 2008

Taking it slow

My husband tonight asked if we (as a family) could go jogging. He too, wants to get back into shape. We haven't used the jogging kit part of our Chariot so we took it for a test drive. And I loved it! It's hard to get into a rhythm though. Jogging while pushing is alot harder than I thought, but it was good.

We went out for about an hour and 15 minutes... and jogged about 30 minutes of it, but we made sure to keep our heart rates up. It was nice... and finally the weather was nice enough to even take the kids out in the Chariot anyway.

I took it slow.. my husband *the athlete* runs far better than me. I was slowing him down but he understands that I need to take it a bit slower.. especially for breathing. I know the concept, but I can't seem to breathe correctly all the time.

My father who ran 3 miles a day in the military told me he ran inhaling 2 steps and exhauling 2 steps. I have been trying that but I feel as though I am not getting enough oxygen and my lungs are wearing out far too quickly. Is it because I am just new to training them or am I doing it wrong?

Thanks for all your help.


Kelly(M&M) said...

Great job! It will get easier, I promise. I wouldn't worry about how you are breathing so much, maybe just slow down. Also, take a walking break before you think you need to.

I think it is wonderful that your whole family is included. Keep it up! Hopefully you will be able to go without the stroller sometimes so you can feel the difference. :-)

Courtney said...

It's because you are new to it. And just breathe they way you feel like breathing. It'll do more harm then good if you concentrate too hard on it.

Keep it up! The first two weeks are the hardest.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the family run- that is awesome.

It does get easier, really. It sounds like you need to slow your pace down a bit and like Kelly said, walk sooner. You have plenty of time to be fast later- work up to it.

Great job!

Ang said...

I think this will all solve itself with a little time. Try not to think about your breathing too much when you're running. Maybe some new songs for the iPod would help distract you??

You're doing great! And it does get easier!

Suzie Petunia said...

My advice would be to not think about the breathing. Just let it happen. It should feel natural, not forced.

I also love the idea of a family run! How fun!