Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hi :) I am a soon to be 1/2 marathon mommy

I'm Staci and I have enjoyed looking at this blog and seeing other energetic mommies out there! I started running 8 months ago and it has been a life changing experience. I am a Mom of two kids, a boy (4) and a girl (2). I started running to keep my body and mind healthy! I run with a group of friends every M,W,F at 5 am and it is so worth it to wake up that early and take time out for yourself, it is a great way to start the day! I have my first race this Saturday May 17th! I am running in the Boise ID Famous Potato 1/2 marathon. I am so excited! It has been a great experience to set the little mile stone markers, 3 miles, 6 mi., 10 mi etc. and be able to watch the progress. I have loved every step of my journey preparing for this 1/2 marathon. Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my story! I look forward to being apart of Marathon Mommies! Happy Running :) Run, Run sweet road runners!


M&M said...

Hi Staci! We are glad to have you. I agree with you that it is definitely waking up early to meet friends! Congrats on a successful training! Definitely post how your race goes. Good luck and enjoy the moment! Welcome!

poky girl said...

Hi Staci! I'll be running a 1/2 on saturday too but in Odgen UT. Hope yours goes well. The first5K,10K half marathon or full is always a memorable one.Good luck and Welcome!

Anniebananie said...

Hi! Can't wait to here all about your 1/2! Good luck with it, it sounds like you are ready. I am running in the Ogden Marathon Relay on Saturday as well. So I will think of you in Boise. Happy Trails!

Nikki said...

Hi Staci!!
Good Luck with your 1st Half.
I am running my first half in Ogden on the same day.
Can't wait to hear how you do...I know it is very exciting. I cannot wait to get on the road and head to Ogden and get my bib. Again, GOOD LUCK!!!!