Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Joining the Club

Me and some friends after the Columbus, OH half marathon on April 13th. It was my first half and I finished in 2:01:35. Slower that I wanted to, but great considering I had the stomach flu the day before and was not feeling well. Guess that makes me half of a marathon mommy!

Hi Mommies! I finally decided to take the plunge and join the blog. I'm excited to have a great group of women to discuss running with. I am friends with Polliwog, currently on pregnancy non-running status, and she recommended the blog to me. I've been running for almost 4 years, and I'm 18 days away from my first marathon. YIKES! Just the thought makes my stomach churn. It was fun to read about everyone's Salt Lake and Boston races. I thought I was going to have a friend to run my race with, but she's out injured, so I'm going it alone. Anyone ever run an entire marathon by themselves? My biggest worry is that music players/headphones are strictly banned, so I can't use music as motivation or distraction. I haven't been running my long runs with music, but I've always had a friend to talk to. My other worry is that I think I peaked too soon. My family took a trip to Florida, so I did my 20 miler a week early. I tried to squeeze in one more, but only eeked out 16.5 that day because I wasn't feeling well. I'm supposed to be tapering now, but I might do a few extra miles on my long run this weekend (12) to make sure I've still got it in me. That leaves 2 weeks of solid tapering. Good idea? Bad idea?

Just a few things about me: I am a former high school English teacher, a mother of three, and I love to read, cook, exercise, travel, and enjoy the outdoors. My husband is going to teach accounting at a university in Oregon, so we're moving there in 6 weeks. We currently live in Michigan. I love to run for the the way it makes me feel full of energy and ready for whatever life throws at me, for my great-looking running legs, and to prove to myself I can do it. And of course so I can eat all the ice cream I want. I am excited to become a better runner. I'm also excited to get to know you better and read about all your running and racing adventures.



Polliwog said...

Welcome, welcome! Imagine my surprise (and delight) to find your post here. Obviously I have no advice, just lots of support--I know you're going to do great!

foxontherun said...

Glad to have you. My advice for the marathon is your ready. If I could run the Boston marathon without doing any 20 milers and not running for 5 weeks, 7 weeks before the marathon then your ready for your marathon.

Also I ran Boston without any music. I was afraid of the same things--not having anyone to talk to and not having the music. I found myself enjoying the race for the race. I loved being aware of my body and of the crowds. It was a great experience.


Roxanne said...

I also lost my running partner during my marathon training due to injury. She dropped out after out 18 miler and I felt so lost. I wasn't sure how I would occupy my mind on those long runs. I found that I really enjoyed it because it gave me more time to really focus on my running. I did use music during my marathon so I don't have any great advice for you on that one. I think you will enjoy the race even more in some ways because it is all you baby! It will give you such a great feeling of accomplishment. It sounds to me like you are ready. Good luck.

Ang said...

You're good to go! Do not push yourself any extra this weekend! I can not wait to hear about your first marathon! (Mine was just a couple of weeks ago in SLC!)

And even though the week before the marathon you won't feel like eating because of the nerves, make sure you do! You are going go to do awesome!

Welcome to the blog!

cherl said...

You'll find yourself in excellent running company in Oregon. We just moved to Southern California, but lived in Portland all our lives and nearly every other person runs. Seriously!

Please post your race report following your first marathon! I love all stories and find inspiration from all, but especially the first marathons run. It's an amazing experience!

M&M said...

Welcome Amy! I have stalked your blog since Polliwog joined us. I have enjoyed your comments on our site also. Congrats on your first half!! And I agree with Foxy, you are ready!! Don't stress about trying to put in more miles. It is not worth it in my opinion. I can't wait to hear all about your first marathon. Welcome!!

Suzie Petunia said...

I wrote "Talk to me!" really big on the back of the shirt I was wearing for a marathon and TONS of people just struck up a conversation with me. If music isn't an option, you could try my "talk to me" technique to keep your mind busy. :) It was so much fun. I met people from all over the country!

Anniebananie said...

Welcome! I like suzie's comment, the more talking the better, makes for a funner memory too! You will do great! I know you will! Good Luck, can't wait to hear all about it!