Sunday, May 25, 2008

My SLC 1/2 Marathon Post

My SLC 1/2 marathon post is a little late:)
It was an awesome experience. I have always hated race day anxiety and stayed away from races. But, with my 40th birthday around the corner i decided to sign up and run. I started my training for the full and ran the 1/2 in Salt Lake as part of my training. It was so fun. Honestly the best part was meeting some of you and knowing we had some same goals > being moms and running. Everyone had different time goals and personal reasons for accomplishing but we were there to DO IT anyway we could. I was so impressed with everyones positive personality's and words of encouragement. I loved the race, the sweat, blisters, music, cheering, the crowds, the people that would run by and joke with you, everything was so amazing. (except the wind) :) It was also an experience in itself to watch others finish the race.
Thank-you everyone that helped organize the supper and the get together. This site is awesome and has been such a great support.


Kelly(M&M) said...

Laurene- yeah!! I have been wondering about you! I am glad you enjoyed your first half marathon. You are getting close to your marathon, right? Can you remind us when it is so I can add it to the list of races on the right?

It was fabulous meeting you!! I hope to run into you again. How is your training going?

amydear said...

Great job on your half marathon! I love that you are nearing your 40th birthday and still going strong. I plan on being the same way.

staciandrolo said...

I love your positive outlook! That is wonderful that you had a good experience. Thanks for sharing!
It is neat that we can come together as moms and support eachother with our words and common goals.

Happy Running to you :)