Thursday, June 19, 2008

And I am back in the game!

So I went for 3 runs this week and it feels great.  The Ipod+Nike works great so far and the shoes are still fabulous.  

I now know how far I am running.  I also, made sure (thanks to everyones comments) that the distance was correct.  I ran on Monday almost 5 miles with my husband and kids, spent the day at the park... I needed a rest before we headed back haha!!  But my normal right now is only 2 miles.  Which I think is fabulous for me. 

I went to the ENT doctor today and I am set for surgery in July.  While talking about tonsilectomys I found out that my new ENT surgeon is a runner himself.  Hard core.  He was talking forever about marathons.. asking which one I wanted to run, and when.  I told him I wanted to run St. George.. but obviously not this year, so he told me about Phoenix and Las Vegas, this winter.  Which if I am up to par by then I just might consider.  Plus, Las Vegas.. I love Vegas.  I could make a whole trip out of it.  Or even Phoenix, my husband's sister lives there.. so it could work out quite nicely.  

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Jill Will Run said...

I did Phoenix last January and loved it. I'm doing San Antonio in November so I probably won't do Las Vegas in December, but since I live in Vegas I may volunteer at the Las Vegas Marathon, just to absorb the marathon experience!