Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I may have the oppourtunity to run the St. George Marathon. After a rough Half Marathon (sick from the 2nd to the 10 mile) I am trying to decide if I should 1) even train to run a marathon 2) which one to run. I am trying to decide out of the Top Of Utah or St. George. I was wondering if any or all of you could tell me the possitives, negatives to both locations. I know they both have some down hill-which is steeper, which has more up hill, which is easier, harder etc. I am having a really hard time deciding what I am going to do. I have gotten really sick stomachs during a lot of my long runs. And had a horrible sick stomach during the race. I have to figure it out to be able to run the marathon. Hope this isnt confusing. Just would like an honest opinion about the two races. THANKS


Mandy said...

I ran St. George last year and LOVED it. The aid stations were great and the last part of the race is downhill which really helps you finish and not hit a wall. I'd run that race every year if I could. I've never run the other one, so I can't compare the two.

That sounds totally crummy that you've been getting sick on your runs. Do you have any idea why your getting sick? Are you eating enough before the race and your long runs and also during? Drinking enough? I hope that gets better for you so you can have the confidence to run a marathon. It's a great experience.
Good luck with your decision!

Melissa said...

I haven't run the St. George marathon, but I have done the Top of Utah and I loved it! The first 14 miles are all down the canyon, so it is a bit of downhill, but then it levels out after that. They have a lot of aid stations to fuel up and give you fruit, gatorade, power gels, water, etc.

I had some problems getting sick before too...and you can try what I did and see if it helps. I eat a banana and slice of wheat bread before every long run. I also make sure to fuel up with some gatorade at least once half way really makes the difference besides just water. You're body is just trying to tell you what it hopefully you can figure it out! Good luck!