Monday, June 09, 2008

what is up with this slump?

Hi Marathon Mommies,

I've been MIA from this blog since i posted my intro, mainly because May was a super duper busy month. So i'll catch you up on my running before it becomes another month.
SO, just FYI, i signed up for the NYC Marathon, just to see if by the slightest chance i'd get lottery-picked. well i didn't get picked, i kind of figured i wouldn't get in anyways, seeing as how over 100,000 peeps wanted to get in. BUT, it kind of got me down.... i kind of felt like running across New York! That would be absolutely amazing! I was training for that particular run anyways! well, some of my motivation for running went downhill. i signed up for the Dallas White Rock Marathon in December, which i know, should be enough motivation for me, but for some reason it's not. sorry i'm rambling.... i guess i just need some advice... i'm sure a lot of you have been in that "i don't wanna run this week" slump before, it's bound to happen to everybody, so what do i do?????
And thank you to all you lovely ladies, even in this slump, i still feel your support when i do run! it's great!



Hannah said...

For me there is no magic word to get me out there. I just do or I don't. The longer I go without running, the harder it is to get back into it. But after pushing through it for a week, my body just craves it and it isn't as hard to get my feet out the door. Keep up with the challenge going on right now- see how many runs you can get in before Saturday, you might surprise yourself!

Good luck!

Suzie Petunia said...

Slumps happen, unfortunately. Do you have someone to train with who will also be running the Dallas White Rock marathon? That can make all the difference in the world in my training. Sorry you didn't get into NY. That sounds like an amazing event! Maybe next time, huh?

poky girl said...

Maybe since the race is still a ways away you should just focus on staying active and healthy. Try some new classes at the gym, play volleyball with friends or take some dance classes. When it gets a little closer I think you'll be more excited about running. There's nothing like a 12 week training schedule to get you motivated. Good luck!

Kelly(M&M) said...

Hi Kristen,

December is a long way away, so maybe you need to find a 10k or 5k to train for and do an 8 week schedule. That would get you ready for the schedule for the marathon.

We all go through slumps. We will start another contest. What prize would motivate you? Let us know. :-) Good luck and don't beat yourself up. Just get back out there and report your progress!