Monday, June 02, 2008

I Can't Be the Only One Who Does This

Dear Friends,

I just wrote a really nice letter to my Marathon Mommies...and Blogger just ate it for dinner. Shame on me for not saving it elsewhere like I normally do.

The quick version (because I'm sure I can't re-create it) is that I LOVE the network we have here. I just read over some comments from old posts that we had written and the advice and encouragement that we all have contributed. I needed a little shot in the arm of confidence and I came looking here.

What I was trying to say (no thanks to Blogger and my lack of thinking) is thank you all for this amazing place to go to when I need a little boost, especially when running has been a little hard.

Jill (JP)

p.s. yes, I'm saving this as we speak. The end.


Anonymous said...

I have done that and I shake my fist and post a brief version, but to this day I don't remember to save it as I go.

This site is awesome- it really, really is. I hope the running bug bites you again and it stops being hard. It took me a few weeks to get excited about it again.

staciandrolo said...

Been there! done it! and it's extremely frustrating to lose a post!!

I like how you labeled your post - 'Lessons learned, postiving thinking', that is exactly why i enjoy this blog. We can learn from eachother and can be inspired with all of us having a common goal of our love for running.

You all are amazing and inspiring!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

JP said...

I didn't mean for the post to sound so negative! (I was so mad at Blogger.)

I meant it to be a positive thing that I could come here and remind myself why I run.

You guys are awesome.