Sunday, June 29, 2008

Racing to "Race"

I normally am not racing to "race" if you know what I mean. Speed wise, I just kind of fall right in the middle. But something came over me at my last race. It was a relay race called the Rainier to Ruston. As in Mr. Rainier to Ruston Way in Tacoma if any of you are familiar with Washington. The race was 52 miles long and we had a team of 6. We each ran two legs. I happen to be legs 6 and 12. This is my third year in a row doing this race- the first year I ran it without having done even one training run, I vowed the next year I would be ready and that's kind of how I got started running- and this year we had a family team.

I'm in the pink skirt.

So my 20 year old brother come sprinting into exchange 10 really battling it out with another young male runner. It was quite exciting-he finished first!

He then informed me I better do the same at the finish. I really didn't think the situation would present itself. This is a small race of 200 runners total. So teams come in finishing every few minutes. Well, with about a 1/2 mile to go, I got passed. I tried to keep up with her for a little bit, but I was so tired! When I got around the last corner and saw the finishing bell, I knew I had to go for it, or else I would never hear the end of it from my brothers! The girl was probably 20 yards ahead of me with about 150 yards to go. I sprinted like I was running to save my own child. I knew my face was showing it too and I couldn't help it. I really didn't think I could catch her, but sure enough I passed her with about 10/15 yards to go. It was too close to the finish for her to try to pass me back. She was surprised too. he he. People were screaming like crazy and it was a rush! I couldn't even speak afterward for a couple of minutes I was so out of breath. Needless to say the team was proud of me and thought it was a great way to finish the race! And we were 53 minutes faster than last year!!

After rewatching this video, it just doesn't really do justice to the excitement of it all. I wish it was longer and you could see me from 150 yards out to when I pass her. :) Also, that is my little guy in the gray hood sweatshirt, I love how he jumps up at the end.

That's what sprinting will do to your backside.

I do have to mention that really we weren't even competing against each other as I found out she was on a team of 4 and we were a team of 6, but it's principle, right?!


Chelle said...

Ang, I just watched your video three times in a row and the part where your son jumps up and down has me all verklemped (I'm kind of a sap). Sweet and inspiring to see that lil guy cheering on his mama.

And you kicked arse (in principle)

: )

Lisa said...

What an AWESOME finish. WTG!! I loved that it was captured on video. It sounds like you all had a great time.

JP said...

That is so awesome!!! I LOVE this...way to go Team Ang!! :)

Tall Girl Running said...


I don't always enough "umph" to sprint across the finish line, but when I do... man, what a rush!


Suzie Petunia said...

I L_O_V_E it!! Hooray for you, Ang! I wish we had all been there in person to cheer as you passed her. What fun!

lisamarie said...

This is so great. One of the reasons I'm loving running so much is for the impression it makes on the little ones. Like Chelle, i love seeing your little man so excited!

staciandrolo said...

It is neat to run with family! Brothers bring out the competitive side :) It was fun to read about your race. Thanks for sharing :)

Kelly(M&M) said...

Such a cool video!! I love your clips, pics and race reports!

Great job letting your competitive juices give you a kick at the end! And you do look cute!

tifferbob said...

"I sprinted like I was running to save my own child." Hilarious!

Great finish!

Anniebananie said...

Yeah ANG! It looks like you had a fun time, so fun to race with the fam. I am excited for you to be closer in August, we will have to get the mommies together again. Keep on Keepin on!

Jen said...

Ang that is AWESOME!!!! Way to go!!!!

And, didn't you move to UT? We should DEF start runnning together if you're up for it, because WRFDJ is struggling right now! We have 2 pregos and a bunch of summer-busies and I've been running all by my lonesome! Let me know if you want to hook up!

Anonymous said...

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