Sunday, July 13, 2008

Body knows best.

Saturday morning rolled around and I was wiped out. My alarm went off and I had to try and remember why.

What on earth am I supposed to be doing at 6:30 Saturday morning?


I'm supposed to do a long run today.

Technically, I was supposed to start my long runs a long time ago. And had I been doing that, I wouldn't have been so confused this Saturday. I've had a lot going on every weekend, but today, I didn't have an excuse. Except that... I was tired. I turned off my alarm and felt very guilty. I felt like I was cheating my body. Like I was not going to let it do what it loves to do. I felt guilty that I haven't been training my body for the upcoming races and yet come race day, I was going to expect it to perform. How selfish! You don't get something for nothing. I know that, but I was so tired!

It seems my left brain was defeating the right.

I felt bad... but I got back in the covers anyway.

And I fell asleep.

At 7:30 a.m I woke up again. My body got out of bed, my mind was still asleep. I guess that's sleepwalking, right? So, I sleepwalked to my closet, my feet put on their shoes, my legs put on the shorts and my hands put a ponytail in my hair and pulled a tank top on to cover my upper. (Thank heavens for awake hands!)

I started to come around when I ate my banana, and walked outside. I felt the morning air revive me. I was still yawning and walking at a very leisurely pace, but I felt great. Amazingly, the song "Awake," by Secondhand Serenade came on and I put a smile on my face. That's when the thank-a-thon started. I had a little heart to heart with my body and I told it how thankful I was that it would get me out of bed and do all that work so that I could be on the road. I couldn't have gotten out of bed without it's help. We enjoyed a peaceful eight miles together and a renewed commitment to get out more often. After all, it's just not fair to expect great things from my body if I don't put in the effort.

It's always a good feeling to overcome temptations. It boosts confidence. It allows me to feel victorious.

So, next time you're faced with the choice to go out and run or stay in bed and sleep... I guarantee you'll be more happy if you run. At least I always am.


staci-d said...

That is exactly how i felt this morning when I woke up. I knew my body would appreciate some exercise! And it was well worth the effort to enjoy a beautiful summer morning. Why is it such a battle some times? You would think that we would just be 100% ready to get up and run run run :)

Thanks for your post!

Tall Girl Running said...

I read a quote somewhere that said "you'll never come back from a run and wish you hadn't done it".

That holds so true for me! No matter how hard it was to get out on the road or how difficult the run was, I NEVER come back in wishing I hadn't done it.

Thanks for a great post. :-)

Suzie Petunia said...

I had a very similar experience this week. I am so grateful for a body that is healthy and strong enough to go out for a long run! So many times this summer I have just felt overwhelmed with gratitude for my body as I've been out running. This is one of my answers to the persistent question: Why do you run? Because I am thankful for a body that CAN!