Thursday, July 10, 2008

Doing speedwork

I was inside minding my own business, peeling potatoes and such, when I heard the most horrible scream, followed by more screams: 'Alarm, Alarm! Otsmom, alarm!' (The neigbourhood kids call me Otsmom, Pietsmom depending on which one of my children they're playing with.)

I nearly jumped out of my skin and ran with the speed of light outside, towards the screams. Speedy Gonzales couldn't have gone any faster!

Ots little friend, Oliver, met me outside, repeating with a voice ringing with sensation: 'Alarm, alarm Otsmom! Ots whóle head is bleeding.'

Indeed, there Ot came, crying loudly, pointing to his forehead. I took a deep breath and lifted his bangs, preparing myself for a grisly sight worthy of a Stephen King novel. But instead of a big wound, just a little graze met me.

'Thank God! That's not so bad!' I declared in my best doctor's voice. 'You gave me a real fright Oliver!'

'You can run really fast, can't you, Otsmom!' Ot's little friend said in impressed tones.
'Why, thank you, Oliver!' I replied.

And then I went inside, my legs still a little wobbly, and checked off on my To-Do-List: Doing Speedwork.


foxontherun said...

That's a great story. Nothing like a little adrenaline to get you going.

Suzie Petunia said...

Nice "speedwork". :) I had do a bit of that myself last Thursday. But unfortunately MY son's head needed 3 stitches. And yes, there was a LOT of blood!

Alicia said...

Very cute story. :)

lilrunner73 said...

What a great story! You're a great mom for not getting upset that they made such a big deal about a scratch...:)

Julia said...

love it. glad he's OK.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. It is amazing to me how quickly our adrenaline gets going when we think they are hurt. Great story!

amydear said...

Glad your son is okay! I'm sure you burned plenty of calories. My Dad has a fun story like this from his childhood that involves ketchup.