Friday, July 11, 2008

Just going on a little run when...

So I was running the other day at a local Jr. High School's track to figure out my pace. I have just been doing my mileage, not worrying about my time and such. Anyhow, a man was also running on the track. He was moving at a fairly fast pace. During my last lap around the track he started talking to me, asking me what I was training for (St. George) and then commented how it was a great race, small talk and such. I asked him if he was training for a race and he said "uh, kinda I guess. I do some marathons but mostly the ultra races". He gave me a little advice about the St. George marathon and conversation stopped right when I got to the end of my lap. I wanted to talk to him more about running but since I didn't know what else to do, I said goodbye and left.

Later that night, I was browsing some race websites (specifically the Squaw Peak 50- wow!) when I happened to come to the website of the man I had seen earlier that day. I'm pretty sure this was the man at the track- he lives near the track too. Here is just a brief excerpt from the blog:

"I have as of November 2007 a total 258 marathons/ultras and a unofficial current world record of 170 consecutive months. Also another tidbit of info from March 11th of 2005 (my birthday) to March 11th of 2006 I ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks for my 52nd year. I am now currently working on finishing all 50 states for the 2nd time. FInished all 50 and DC back in 1999 the first time. "

I was absolutely amazed and boy do I wish I HAD stayed and chatted with him. I feel like I missed a huge oppotunity to talk to someone (if he isn't, should be) famous in the running world. It was a crazy coincidence that I ran into his website the same day I ran into him. I believe he is the race director for the Provo 1/2 marathon. Talk about a crazy run-in with someone.


Jen said...

holy manoly!!!! That's like running with Brad Pitt as far as I'm concerned! What a cool encounter!

Suzie Petunia said...

I'm sure he'll turn up at the track again sometime soon. Go ahead. Stalk him. And then give us all the dirt. :)