Friday, August 08, 2008

I heart speedwork!

You are probably thinking something is very wrong with me, but there is just something about coming home knowing I pushed myself to the limits. While I am in the middle of it, I just remind myself the pain is temporary and worth it! I am training for a 10k with my hubby, Jeff. We are following the same schedule with speedwork. It has been fun to compare notes this week and we decided we will get a babysitter so we can do our long runs together. I think it will be a great time for us as a couple. We are both pretty competitive so hopefully this will work to our advantage and push both of us to work hard! I loved training for the triathlon and doing something different everyday, but I am glad to be back running! I am also glad to know that training for the tri really did great things for my heart and my legs. I feel stronger than ever and I am really looking forward to this race!

How about the rest of you? How do you feel about speedwork?


Annie said...

I'm with you, I love pushing myself to the limit. I just like to know where I'm at. That's great that you are able to do speed training with your husband. He probably pushes you even more than you would if you were doing it alone.

Elizabeth said...

I wish my hubby would train with me! That sounds like a great bonding experience!

Tall Girl Running said...

When I do it, I enjoy the workout. Tricky part is getting me to do it. (And I wonder why I can never seem to break my PR's.)

Truth be known, I'd rather run hills any day over doing speedwork. I heard somewhere hills are speedwork in disguise, so I'll go with that. ;-)

amydear said...

I like it too! It's fun to actually get faster and see progress in a matter of weeks. I always dread starting, but once the 4th or 5th 400 or 800 comes around, I feel great. Thank goodness for a close local trac k and the Garmin. They make speedwork a breeze.