Monday, August 25, 2008


So I'm warning you all right now, you are going to be hearing a lot from me in these next couple of weeks. Coming to the end of my training and getting nervous for my 1st marathon I am starting to come up with a lot of questions (I think the nerves are producing the questions) So here are my next couple of questions.
1) Have any of you eaten Sushi the night before a long run.? Here is why I ask. Friday night after boating with friends and family we stopped of and got some sushi. It was about 10pm. The next morning I got up and did a 16 mile run. Not only the longest run that I have done but the best one too. I felt so great. I ran farther than I ever had without stopping and just felt like I had so much energy. Could it be the sushi I ate? Or was it just a good day? Was it the fact that I ate later so it stayed with me? Was it that I upped my week runs 15 min longer each day? If it was the sushi I'd eat it again but makes me a little nervous eating sushi in St. George being a little more un-aware of the restaurants. Help!
2) Do any of you know of a good tank top to run in that doesnt chafe to bad? I experienced my first chaffing and it was on my inner arm from my tank top(it has a thicker seam). I really like running in tank tops but need to find a better one
3) How do each of you mentally push yourself? There have been times that physically I could run more but mentally I just turn to mush and walk. How have each of you been able to mentally push yourself?
4) So I have been running in my shoes for about 4 months. They still feel really good and I dont think I have the money to buy new ones before the marathon. But the bottoms of my feet get a bit sore towards the end of a long run. Do any of you run with insoles in your shoes? Has it helped? Why or Why Not? Would it benifit me to use them these last couple weeks of training?

Thanks so much for helping me out. Also thanks for your previous advice about my training. It helped me so much and relieved me that I dont have to train to 23 miles. You are all wonderful!!


merathon said...

as far as chafing goes, keep the tanktop you like, but get some runner's lube. it looks like a deodorant stick and you rub it anywhere you are worried about chafing. works like a charm!

as far as pushing yourself on race day, you'll be surprised at how much the adrenaline of just being there with all those other people helps! pick a person a certain distance in front of you and working on passing him/her, and then when you do, pick another one!

good luck! it's a fun race, but beware of the last 6 miles. it's a pretty decent downgrade and my knees were barking by the end (and i had never before experienced knee problems)!

Molly said...

"Sushi? Sushi? You think this is about sushi?" So maybe I've watched Monster's Inc. too many times. Anyone know the line?
The crazy thing about running is that I can't nail down exactly why I have good days and why I have bad days. It will be a great day if I ever do.If it's a reputable place I say go for the sushi. I second the comment on the body glide, and your feet hurting is probably just the fact that you've run 16 miles and those little babies have taken the brunt of it all. Hang in there. Often the only thing that keeps me running is the fact that walking only prolongs the agony.:) Good Luck

joyof3boys said...

I heard or read somewhere that it protein is what should be eaten the morning of a race. We've eaten all the carbs we need during the week and the protein is needed to slow the absorption of the carbs into the system so you don't burn them as quickly and it maintains your energy more evenly. I hope that makes sense. Just a thought.

On chafing have your tried Glide? or vasoline? I know the vasoline is a little messy.

I have to second the adrenaline rush pushing you on race day. You will be amazed at how much it helps.

Good luck and congrats on a great long run.

Tall Girl Running said...

Body glide is a long distance runner's best friend! But if you can't find it, just pick up some Vaseline. It works just as well, although it doesn't seem to be as waterproof so you may need to re-apply it during your longest of long runs. I've found I can pretty much wear whatever I want as long as I'm sufficiently "lubed up".

I've never had sushi myself, so I can't comment on that... but I do remember having an extraordinarily strong long run the morning after having a very late dinner out with my husband one night (around 10:00pm). I think it's quite possible late dinners lend to strong morning runs, given what you ate wasn't too spicy!

When my shoes hit 400 miles, I usually start wearing inexpensive insoles (from WalMart, no more than $5) just to provide a little more cushioning. When they hit 500 miles, I retire them completely, but the insoles do seem to help stretch them out that last 100 miles by offering a little more comfort than they would have otherwise. Just be sure the insoles you buy aren't altering your gait or footstrike in an abnormal way or you'll end up nursing some pesky injury.

cchrissyy said...

I have a new seamless tank top I just love- it's Moving Comfort. It's only been tested for a few miles, but so far, so good!

Robyn said...

Wow, I never knew the sushi secret. I may have to try it out. I agree with Molly that sometimes I just have good days and some bad.

About the shoes, I am sorry I have to disagree with the other girls. I think that those shoes need to go now! How long until your race? I have a month until TOU marathon and I plan to get new shoes this week. (and I can't afford them either- try ebay) If you keep training in those ones I think you are asking for trouble. Just my input :-)

Kelly(M&M) said...

Hey, the great runs are what keep us coming back! I definitely think it could be the sushi and mentally if that does it for you, then go for it! I personally think it was probably the adding more mileage during the week that seemed to help your endurance. I find that the more mileage I run during the week, the more prepared I feel for the long run. (Not too much though!) I am not a tank top girl, so I can't answer that one. (I don't love my arms!) Mentally, it helps me to just slow down when I am feeling ready to stop. When I was about 16, my sister said to me, "Go as slow as you need to go, but don't stop running." That has always stuck with me and honestly once I start walking it is harder for me to start running again.
You will do great!!

I am so glad to hear your training is going better. I can't wait to hear about your marathon. Keep coming back with your questions. Since I am not running St. George, I will live vicariously through you!

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