Wednesday, September 17, 2008

24 Days to Chicago! !

With only 24 days left before our Chicago Marathon, I am more worried about my "lack of fundraising" than I am completing the race.
Why in the world did we actually think we could raise $7,200?? I am usually not one to set my goals so far outside of my reach, but I believe I have. We currently have only raised $1,250.
So if anyone has any quick and easy fundraising ideas that would be FABULOUS! Or if you know of anyone that has suffered from leukemia or lymphoma and feel led to donate in honor of them, you can visit our donation page here:

I survived my 18 mile run Monday and will complete 20 on Sunday and then begin tapering down for race day. Does anyone else get a little nervous that the tapering down begins 3 weeks before race day. I am worried about the final 3 weeks before the race that the longest run we have is 9 miles. I am afraid my confidence for the LONG run will be diminished.


Garou said...

I don't have any fundraising ideas, but I do have some advice about the taper. I was very worried before my first marathon, for the same reasons that you are. It seems counter-intuitive to dial the distance back so much, and for so long before the real race.

But, as an experienced runner told me, "Don't worry about it. You will be well-rested when the big day comes, and your legs will remember the distance."

Good luck with Chicago. It's a fun course, as long as the weather is nice. Enjoy the crowds, especially the groups in Boys Town and Chinatown.

Tall Girl Running said...

Tapering isn't easy psychologically, otherwise there wouldn't be any such thing as "taper madness". But as garou suggested, the three weeks you have to taper are as important as the weeks you have to train... if not moreso, when it comes to safely finishing your marathon.

Try not to get terribly antsy. Do your scheduled runs, but take the down time seriously. Now's the time to get as much sleep as you can, if you're not already doing it. You've done all the hard work. Now's the time to reward yourself with a little rest. The marathon itself is just the icing on the cake!

Suzie Petunia said...

You will be glad you have let your legs fully recover from those long runs once you start the race! I know it is weird, psychologically. If you have stuck to a training schedule, you need to have faith in your training. They are designed to make your body ready to cross that finish line!

Have you seen the ChipIn widgets you can put on your blog or web page? Their site also has a lot of good info about raising money. Good luck! I think it wonderful that you are training and running for such a great cause.

JP said...

Oh, the fundraising! I think I was more nervous about that last year! LOL!

Ask EVERYONE. As someone who hates asking for money, that was so hard for me. I think that stepping outside my comfort zone made the experience THAT much more amazing. It was bigger than me...that helped a ton.

Marci said...

Thanks for all the advice! I guess I just have to trust my training and all the experts. I can't believe how nervous I am ALREADY!

everything pink said...

oh my I was just in chicago and what i would give to be able to run that marathon, that is such an awesome city!