Saturday, September 06, 2008


I biked 40 miles this morning with a group of 25 women and I feel great! One woman organized this group that bikes every Saturday. Her rules were: One man bikes with the group for safety reasons (it came in handy for the 4 people who got a flat tire on the ride!) and husbands are allowed to ride with the group 1 time and that is it! He other rule is that you always ride with at least one other person. At 20 miles we took a break and the person driving the car behind us, in case of injuries, etc..., busted out bananas, grapes, water, and power bars. The woman who organized the whole thing provides all the snacks every week. It was so cool. I usually bike alone so I was a little nervous at first. I wondered if I would be able to keep up with everyone or would I embarass myself? We started out and all my nervousness went away. I quickly found another girl who was keeping my same pace and we led the pack. That was great except for when we didn't know where we were going and realized we had missed the turn-off! Now if I could only find a running group like this I would be set!


Robyn said...

That sounds like a great group. One of my friends hooked us up with a running group like that last week. We all met at 6 am for a 20 mile run. There were about 30 people and they had two cars that parked every 3-4 miles and were loaded with Gu, fruit, bagels, granola, etc. It was great. The only problem I had was... whoever designed the course, the first 6 miles were all uphill! Argh! Maybe you could start a group like that in your area? Or go to a local running shop to see if one exists? Sounds like a lot of fun.

Ruthie said...

wow.. sounds like a great experience!
What fun!