Thursday, September 04, 2008

HI Everyone!

Hi All.
I have been lurking here for a while and am now an official Marathon Mommy :) (how cool is this site!) I wanted to introduce myself :)

I am a homeschooling, art teaching mom with 3 kids AND will be 40 in 20 days! the big 4-0! Two years ago I made a decision to be "Fantastically Fit by 40" and started a workout blog. You can see my story and a transformation video on my blog:) So I wont go into all those details here :)

I took up running (distance as apposed to sprint training) a few months back. Completing a 1/2 marathon on July 4th (running it alone with my nikeplus). I decided shortly after that I would train for a FULL marathon as a way to celebrate my 40th birthday AND my working so hard to become fit.
I will be running the San Antonio Rock and Roll on Nov 16th! I am nervous, excited, and .. well.. NERVOUS! but know it will be fun. My training is going good, having my ups and downs.. but hanging in there :) I need input on nutrition while training, and all the "ins and outs" of race day (will they have enough porta potties?, should i wear a "running belt" for my snacks? How early should I get there? How will i sleep the night before? I could go on and on :)

Thanks to everyone who posts here... you all inspire me to get up and get a run in on those mornings i dont feel like it :)

Blessed Running :)
Ruthie :)


Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

Hey Ruthie~

I am running the half down in San Antonio! Are you in Texas? I am in between Dallas and Fort Worth :)

Brandon Family said...

Welcome Ruthie!

I look forward to looking at your site! Good luck with your marathon! I was wanting to do the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll as well, but I am not sure I will be able to. I can't wait to see how you do!

Happy running!

amydear said...

Welcome! Have a great 40th birthday and a great marathon. We can't wait to hear about it. That's so cool!