Monday, September 15, 2008

Needing Some Motivation...

I am so excited to join this group! My name is Elizabeth, I am 27, and I live in Maryland (just outside of Washington DC) with my husband, 3-year-old daughter Emeline, and 1-year-old son Jarom. I am a pretty new runner- I was always one who thought running sounded totally awful... then I tried it! Almost a year ago I decided I just wanted to try running to build up some cardiovascular strength and shed a few leftover baby pounds- I decided that I would give it nine weeks, and at the end of a nine week program if I still hated it I would never run again. And here I am, totally addicted. Just can't get enough! I love the confidence it has given me, the time out by myself or with a good friend early in the mornings, the feeling that I can accomplish anything. I can truly say that running is changing my life! I'm excited to share stories and get tips from all you wonderful mommies here.
Favorite race distance: So far, 10K
Favorite song to run to: Beautiful Day by U2, Blessed by Martina McBride, Better Together by Jack Johnson
Favorite dessert: Angel Food Cake with fresh whipped cream and fresh chopped strawberries... YUM!
Current goal: Baltimore Half Marathon October 2008, Richmond Marathon November 2008

So, there is a little about me... but now that I have just told you how much I LOVE running, here is my dilemma: I am having such a hard time staying motivated lately. I feel like I am getting slower and my feet are strapped to cinder blocks! I assume it's because I am just getting tired from running so much (my long runs are up to 20 miles... holy moly that's a lot!) My question for all of you is:
How do you stay motivated and run strong when you are TIRED?
When training is getting a little old?
When you just don't know if you can run another step (especially when the neighbor's grass looks so nice and soft to just lie down and nap...)?
Am I alone here, or is anyone else just kind-of excited to run their fall races and get back to normal life (with nice little "short runs")?
I'm still loving the running, but these long ones are TOUGH!
Any tips and/or encouragement would be greatly appreciated!!


Suzie Petunia said...

Sounds like you need a running partner/group! That is the ONLY way I get my butt out of bed in the morning... I know they're waiting for me. And sometimes I don't show up and I feel horrible about it. Good thing they are so forgiving. :) We need to start a Marathon MOmmies network to get everyone a running partner in their area.

erinmalia said...

good idea suzie petunia! and speaking of running partners in suburban DC...uh hello?! i'm in aspen hill; where are you? although i'm not running 20 miles, i would love company! but if not me, try looking into montgomery county road runners. they are AWESOME! my husband and i did their speed development program last year (it runs from jan to apr) and we LOVED it. there are people that run at your exact pace, which makes everything so much more bearable. they have other programs too, of course.

i also find that when i look at running as an escape, MY escape, it makes it that much easier to get my butt out of the house.

Liz said...

Thanks you guys! Erin, I did see that you are near DC- fun! I love it here. Unfortunately, I am in Anne Arundel County, so it's a little far. I've heard Baltimore has a great running group that I may look into...
I think I can I think I can! Just a few more super long runs to go!

staci-d said...

Welcome! Running 20 miles is so awesome, i can not ever imagine running that many miles. Good for you for becoming addicted to running!! Setting a goal for a race is my motivation! I just ran my first 1/2 marathon in May and my mistake has been not setting any kind of goal after that race.

P.S those three songs you mentioned are at the top of my list too. You have good taste in music ;)

Robyn said...

Welcome new mommy! I totally understand how you feel b/c I am doing my marathon this Saturday and I am sort of looking forward to easy/short runs or days OFF! I think that happens to a lot of people. My suggestions: find running partners/friends, remember how many calories you're burning (20 miles is like 1500 calories) good music (change songs on your ipod if they're old), *running a new route* (especially something scenic that distracts you), and of course... to stay motivated remember that awesome goal and how good it's going to feel to FINISH those races! Good luck to you!

lilrunner73 said...

My opinion is that you might be running too fast for too many of your runs during the week.

I used to get really burned out during marathon training too. Then I learned about specificity in training. Make sure that only one or two of your runs during the week are tempo or speed work (above 85% of max heart rate).

The other runs should be easy pace (under 80-85% of max heart rate) meaning you can carry on a conversation while you are running. (Try saying the pledge of allegiance while running. If you can't, you are going too fast.) I found when I slowed my pace down for my easy and long runs, I was able to get up the next morning excited to run instead of dreading my runs.

I also started to get faster, which shocked me since it felt like I was going so slow at first. In two weeks you'll be surprised that your easy pace is actually getting faster.

Do you have a heart rate strap/monitor you can run with? Take 220 and minus your age, that is your approximate max heart rate. Then run at 80-85% of your max heart rate. For me (age 34) I try to stay under 150 for my easy pace runs.

Sorry about the novel. Disregard it if it isn't helpful for you. :)

Good luck!!

autumn said...'s your college roommate Autumn. Small blog world it is indeed! I like to run, but currently am having a really hard time finding motivation, so I just read this blog instead. Good luck on the running! You can do it. I am going to start again once I get better (I have a bruised heel). Your picture looks way cute!

Kathy said...

Good for you on the running! I started about 12 years ago, hated it at first, and then fell in love at a 5K.

As for being tired, I'm wondering if you are doing too many miles. Are you taking some lower mileage runs after the 20s? Like the next weekend, dropping back to 15 or so? Or are you consistently running high mileage weeks after high mileage weeks? Your body might need some recovery and rest time if so. Also, those last few weeks of training are TOUGH! Lots of miles going on!

Make sure you are eating a lot and make sure you are really hydrating. You should be drinking a 17 oz water for every 20 or so minutes of running to remain hydrated. Weigh yourself before and after and if you have dropped more than one pound you aren't hydrated enough. Drink 16-24 ozs of fluid for every pound you dropped during the run to rehydrate.

Good luck! Are you doing a marathon soon? Is that why the high miles? Or are you just addicted lol?!