Monday, September 01, 2008

Today was a good running day.

It is funny how sometimes I just have good running days where I feel great and go out strong and tag on an extra mile just because, and other days I feel like I am running with cinder blocks for shoes and I have never ran a step in my life. Why is that? Is it real? Or is it a mental block? Either way today I completed my second half marathon, the Super Jock n Jill! And it was a good running day. I beat my last half marathon time by about 4 minutes! I am pretty happy with that. I had a 2:03 gun time and I know I can take at least 40 seconds off that. It was so crowded at the start I felt like I walked forever. Of course I forgot to stop my watch when I crossed the finish line and by the time I remembered it was too late. The official chip times are not posted until tomorrow. Whose idea what that!?

This race was so different than my first. I knew what to expect and I had done one before. I had no mental wall, not even a mental hump, unlike the first half I ran where I hit a wall head on at about mile 10 and never got over it. The course was also pretty good. There was one killer hill around mile 6ish and my mile split for that was 9:40. I couldn’t believe it every time I looked down at my watch and saw the times, I knew I was going to beat my Tacoma Narrows half time and I felt good! I even started thinking that I should actually train for a half and go out and try to win! I know, a little ahead of myself there, on the winning part. I should train first.

I really enjoy running with my running friends and usually I do run with someone, even during races. I rarely run alone, if not with friends then with my heavy 3 year old in the stroller. But today I got out of the start and had my music turned up and just got lost in my own head. 13.1 miles of me time! Two hours and a few minutes of my own thoughts, no one else in my world (except for the people I passed J and the ones who passed me). And most of the time I just kept thinking how proud my husband would be of me. I can’t wait to have my running buddy back. I am still on track for at least one race a month until he comes home from Iraq.

Oh! And I signed up for my first Sprint Tri! I am in WAY over my head! I LOVE IT!


Ang said...

The Super Jock and Jill race was my very first half marathon. I ran it last year. So fun. I do remember that hill you are talking about. My brother ran that race with me and he died at that hill. Such fun memories!

Way to go! You did great!

Kelly(M&M) said...

I enjoyed reading your report. It is definitely crazy how different you can feel one day to the next. The bad runs help you appreciate and work for the good ones! The only bummer is when you have a bad running day on a race day. (Like my first marathon-darn it!) I am so impressed with all your training while your hubby is gone. I am sure he is so proud. It sounds like you ran a great race. Congrats! Keep us posted!